Thursday, January 11, 2007

AP's "Six Burned/Mosques Destroyed" Story Takes Another Hit!

AP will just not admit anything wrong, and now the worm has turned even more....

Check it out at Confederate Yankee!

This story, about which I have written before, grows and grows with AP standing by their story/reporter, et al. This now in the face of apparent multiple problems including a lack of substantiation of the stories; lack of confirmation of sources; and, apparently now allowing names to be changed by the "tipper".....That, my friends, is strictly forbidden among the Journalists, AND is included in APs own reporting rules and guidelines.

Time for them to come clean while they still have a shred of believability left.

Time also for the lefty bloggers to stop trying to circle the wagons on each and every AP statement like a pack of yapping puppies.