Monday, January 08, 2007

What if????

You went the Tampa International and found that taxi drivers: Refused to transport seeing eye dogs, gay couples, women with uncovered heads, anyone possessing liquor, etc.?

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters is all over the current bruhaha at Minneapolis' airport where Muslim taxi drivers are trying to dictate who gets a ride.....You have to

How about that? Think the Muslims are NOT trying to influence all Americans to live according to their laws? Guess again......

& Don't give me the bleeding-heart sob story that it is a few....then why do we not hear voices of reason from the others who are supposedly "not radical"?



UPDATE: I am not the only Tampa blogger to tackle this one.....Larry Fasano at Tampa Taxi Shots also waded in with a fine article including notes on other cities wherein such Taxi capers are underway. This may be more pervasive than I anticipated!