Wednesday, January 03, 2007

An Iraq Perspective - War Beats Peace?

This one puts things much more in perspective than any "Antique" Media (Main Stream Media) story you will find.

It is actually a lot safer today in Iraq...BY THE NUMBERS...than it was to be there under Saddam Hussein.

Don Surber has the story.

In addition the facts as they are seem today to always be given short shrift under the need for today's media folk who do not "report" as newsmen did when I was among their number 30 years ago, but rather they "build" a news story, crafting their agenda attitude from the spare parts they find and twist til they fit the bias used.

That, perhaps, is why today's MSM (Main Stream Media) are believed about 27% of the time by the latest survey....a number that continues to shrink as their agenda-driven-news becomes more and more obvious.