Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Orleans Murder Rate Higher Than Iraq's?

Read that headline again.

You will not be seeing it in our marvelously-delusional Main Stream Media (MSM).

Gateway Pundit tells it like it is!

When one considers the constant diatribe from the MSM about the horrendous death toll in Iraq, and the daily reports on anything EXCEPT something positive (You mean since we sent to Iraq we have done nothing positive???) would believe it was a really poor place to live.

Now New Orleans, that bastion of Nagin Noodling, is seriously considering a curfew! This is just too much.

I don't feel sorry for the NO folks...they re-elected Nagin. I do, however, still have a soft spot for the wonderful folks around the country...particularly Houston... who tried to help the citizens of NO when Katrina swept through. Instead of being recognized for their niceness, they now have a huge increase in crime and murder in the areas where the marvelous citizens of NO resettled.

I still think the place should be leveled and we could build a new town on higher ground. Just don't move any of the current NO residents to the new place....give it half a chance anyway!