Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Koyoto Has Left The Building!

The hugely-marvelous; completely-journalisticaly-correct; always professionaly-edited; and more often than not WRONG...Associated Press, once again goes off like a rocket on a topic they: a) don't understand, or, b) wish to wax poetic-with-a-bias upon.

AP Writer (????) Jim Crane has developed hoof-in-mouth disease as he writes how the United States, under George Bush of course, has WITHDRAWN FROM KYOTO. (Hint...we never BELONGED)

You can read Crane's screed

If a blogger had sent out such a line the MSM (Read: Antique Media) would have been all over them about professional journalists and their constant checks and balances for truth and the American way...

Bet ya 5 to 1 we never see any correction from the AP which may just re-write history to insure they are correct.....I bet they have a source in The White House named Jamail Hussein!

Pathetic, AP....Just pathetic! (HT: Instapundit)