Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iraq News Covered...From The Front Line!

After several years of news coverage from Iraq in which the Main Stream Media (Antique Media) has claimed coverage of the Iraq war...but done so from their "safe zones" using quite suspect locals as their on-the-ground news sources.

Now we finally begin to see an actual picture of the a Blogger! After several challenges to her, and other conservative bloggers' coverage of the war, Michelle Malkin joined a couple of other bloggers and went to Iraq where she has been at the front...embedded with U.S. troops as they conduct day-to-day activities.

Finally a true picture of what is.....not what the Antique media wish was....Here's Michelle's 1st "Hot Air" piece from Iraq....WATCH IT AND LEARN the truth!

There will be much more by her & others. Get to her site here!.....Often!

It is time the bloggers remind the agenda-driven old media just how war is covered; Not by finding the most horrendous items for showing every night, but by depicting the war in real-life stories of what is good-bad-ugly in the vein of some of the reporters of WWII, Ernie Pyle, for instance.

Thanks for the straight stuff Michelle!