Thursday, January 18, 2007

Minimum Wage Hike Payback for Dem Supporters!

Posted by Little Duke

So Queen Pelosi and her minions have made good on their pledge to raise the minimum wage by 2 dollars over the next couple of years. Much has been made of the damage this will do to our economy as well as how useless this exercise is as far as the poor are concerned. (See the Duke post below that points to Real Clear Politics.) We have also seen that Pelosi cares about everyone who’s poor except the ones that live in American Samoa. We know that the fact that Star-Kist Tuna operates in American Samoa and is headquartered in San Francisco is just one of those HUGE coincidences.

Let’s add one more look at this issue and offer a solution. Many union contracts are tied to the minimum wage. This means the democrats are granting a raise to their best supporters and I don’t think anyone is accusing union members of being in the "poor" category.

I have an idea. If Pelosi really just wants to "help" the poor instead of lining the pockets of her union pals, she could exempt unions from using this increase in the minimum wage to jack up their wages. "But Little Duke", some would say, "That would be the Government interfering with a valid contract settled between two entities (The union and the employees). Government has no authority to interfere with that contract". I have news for those thinking that way. Any wage paid by an employer and accepted by a worker is a contract and nowhere in the constitution is the Imperial Federal Government allowed to interfere in that contract.

Obviously, this exemption won’t happen and I believe that exposes the true agenda of Pelosi and the Democrats. The Democrats are pushing a "feel good" piece of legislation that also happens to give aid and comfort to their Big Labor cronies. Please note that the MSN will not notice or hold the Queen’s feet to the fire. It’s going to be a long two years.

Little Duke

Note from Duke: I posted on the wage a different spin HERE!
Whatever the read, the facts as explored are.....the hike will do little....except pay back some beholdens by the Dems....but then that is what they use for most legislative activity!