Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Truth Shall Set You Free, As Long as It is YOUR Truth!

That phrase was a favorite of an old Elk drinking buddy of mine.....

It seems appropriate as to the separation of whose "unnamed source" is used, and therefor to be believed.

We are supposed to buy, wholesale, the unnamed sources of the AP...oft proven wrong, illegitimate, or non-existent........BUT, there is a howl of outrage if the ox being gored is a liberal Democrat.....

Michelle Malkin writes at
on the topic.

Interesting stuff. Much like the continuing controversy within my email group from high school....back in Central Illinois....we graduated more than 40 years ago! We all exchange ideas, and while most o fthe group are fairly conservative, one lives in Russia and admits to Communistic beliefs....while maintaining he is still an American. His only problem with US is that we don't believe what he does.

Our current area of disagreement is the much-touted Global Warming. Not every scientist believes it is fact....but you'll not hear that from the MSM (Antique Media). They are all on board with global warming much as they were with the advent of an ice age in the 1970s!

Two new books on the topic will enlighten most to the fact that there is not near unanimity among scientists about global warming. Read about them at