Monday, January 29, 2007

How Our National Guardsmen are "NOT" Guarding The Border!

The facts are coming out. Border engagement rules for our National Guard, set by FEDERAL officials...not the Guard, are apparently for the Guard members to NOT engage, arrest, or shot at illegal immigrants..... YES That is what is happening.

While the bleeding-heart liberal Dems from the area are agreeing with the position, I am wondering why we have the guard there at all? Building roads and fences (NOT)......?

Fox has the REPORT HERE!

I have questions.

Just what kind of charade is this? The guard, sent there to "protect" the border are being instructed NOT to do so?

If they are there to make phone calls to Border Patrol, why did we replace civilian volunteers? I have a serious problem with this one as civilians can call the Border Patrol, and were doing a great job of alerting them before the National Guard arrived.

This entire thing S-T-I-N-K-S........No, it R-E-E-K-S!

I am ashamed that i voted for a President interested only in keeping the spigot of illegal, cheap labor coming to the a HUGE cost to we taxpayers, and benefiting only businesses which would pay less for wages, less for taxes, etc. AND THEN we are asked to include these "scabs" in Social Security...after they pay in nothing.

Thanks George W. Bush.....for....well, I cannot say "nothing" as he has given us a labor to replace our own payer costs for education, Social Security, healthcare, etc. for a group who view this country as a place to siphon money back to Mexico...and perhaps to even become a new expansion of Mexico!!!! After all, you cannot ask these illegals to take up our ways....the liberals again want their Mexican heritage/Language to be protected...all at a cost to US!

This really, really makes me angry.