Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Missing "I" Word from Bush/Democrats!

Where was the reference in last night's State of the Union & Democratic response to who the terrorists really are?

Asked Neal Boortz: "AND WHERE WAS THE "I" WORD?

George Bush and the Democrats were together on one thing last night. Neither would attach the word "Islamic" to the word "terrorism." Democrat Senator Jim Webb repeatedly used the phrase "international terrorism," but never identified the terrorists for who they were ... Muslims. All of them ... Muslims.

Ditto for Bush.

Once again, folks ... and this really is not all that hard. We are not fighting terrorism. Terrorism is a tactic. The war is against the people using the tactic ... Muslims. Islamic fascists. Islamists. Islamic radicals .. jihadists. Call them what you will, but the word "Islamic" is essential when you are identifying the enemy. Neither Bush nor the Democrats have the courage to identify the enemy for what it is.

How in the hell do these people expect our country to successfully defend itself from Islamic terrorism when we're so gunched up by political correctness that we won't even dare speak the name of the enemy?"

If you want to read his entire look at the State of speech check it

I did not watch, and find my lack of interest justified as I would have probably thrown things at the screen as Bush once again advanced the cause of general amnesty to illegals who now constitute the largest criminal class we have ever had in this country....both as to their illegal entry and residency, and via the crime statistics in the USA which indicate they as a class are more criminal than the general population...or any segment of that population by several times!