Monday, January 22, 2007

OH NO! Not The Dreaded Lower Gas Prices! But Florida Insurance is Coming Down!

Never thought I'd actually be in favor of continued higher gas prices.

However, the spin Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) gives the idea makes it appealing indeed!

At least one General Motors executive AGREES!

The problem is the same as with most other crisis approaching..... Social Security..... Healthcare..... etc. Until the problems are glaring, impossible and prohibitively expensive to repair both we and our legislative bodies sit on our hands and wait for the pot to boil.

The folks here in Florida went bonkers over insurance hikes (the Duchess & I faced a 250% hike in one year in our state-provided home regular companies write in our proximity to major water!) and, the legislature heard it loud and clear. In special session they yelled, shouted, maneuvered, and took credit for vast effort. THE REALITY? Their 25% rollback will just nudge the terrible hikes we already saw.

Life in these United States seems to be a series of government by crisis.