Friday, January 26, 2007

Congress Needs to Eliminate Racial Groups!!!!

Updated Below.....

I agree entirely with the concept......if we are to halt racial separation, then here is where to begin as proposed by Congressman Tom Tancredo.......READ IT!!!

I have often wondered where the "white caucus" is; and, why there is no "white college fund".....perhaps even WET (White Entertainment Television).

Get offended, then look at the perpetuation of racial separation by such organizations. The days of bringing minority folk up to our level is past.....time to truly be EQUAL!


UPDATE: In the comments below I received this...from "Afm"

The majority is white. TV is already white. College's and Human Resources already gives it to white people first, black people last. That's why affirmative action was put into place to begin with. No need for WET when that's exactly what you get on NBC, ABC and CBS. And if you think it's changed I challenge you to do a Black Like Me experiment (and if you haven't read that book you should) and go out into the world as a black man. Then tell me it's equal.

White has the power and the privilege and the obnoxiously patronizing know-it-all white guy entitlement you show in this racist post.

Recent studies continue to prove this has not changed. And your idea of equal is not helping."

I had to bring it to the top and offer my response to the comment....

"Afm (African American?),
I will not back away from this as the "I'm entitled because I am a minority" attitude is 1980s at best. I am Dutch and certainly in the minority. Time to grow up and stop looking for reasons to be offended/feel slighted/need "special treatment."

WE are Americans....there need be no special treatment beyond that already accomplished in this country. Irish Americans, Italian Americans, and lots of other groups who came, or were enticed/brought to this country have been treated unfairly...but still managed to assimilate. Most black people also have joined in and are part of the crowd.

Perpetuation of stereotype folks who need to be offended and feel slighted even to this day is caused by those who make a really nice living using the threat of offense and need for separate treatment to keep the dollars coming.

I don't buy the theme.

The single biggest threat today to our country is the MASSIVE invasion of folks here illegally...a practice being continued, NOT diminished, controlled, or in anyway dealt with by GWB & The Democratic Party which sees a giant voter base/discount worker base coming their way... much as they have proven adept at retaining a black vote for which they do little to nothing."