Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nifong Gathers New State Bar Charges!

The Lacrosse DA Nifong has been slammed with at least four additional charges by the NC State Bar Association.....before his 1st hearing on four charges initally filed by the Bar.

Check details HERE!

I am a strong believer this idiot should be disbarred, criminally charged for his use of the situation to create an artificial case which used race, lying, and political maneuvers...many get himself re-elected DA.

The sad part is the continuation while the NC AG reviews the entire thing...and then, I feel confident, he will drop charges against the three players.

The glad part is going to be the many lawsuits which will succeed against Nifong; the local police department, Duke University, and several of the Duke Profs who wrongly put their views ahead of even charges being filed.....guilt until proven innocent.


UPDATE: Over at the blog "Durham-In-Wonderland", by K C Johnson, this professor has the real story with references.....and it is MUCH MORE SERIOUS for Nifong. Me thinks this time the Nifong and apparently his chief investigator Mr. Linwood (who also has a poor record on good investigations) are in the doo-doo!