Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kerry Takes FOR-EVER to Sign Off!

In keeping with his history as the man who could bore death to death with conversation....and, the man Dennis Miller, on FOX calls "An Easter Island Statue".....John Kerry signed off the campaign for 2008 as a Presidential contender with a Looooooooooooong Speech which is marked by

Howard Kurtz comments: Kerry began to talk. And talk.

He talked about Mesopotamia in the year 685, the tribal warfare, how people were beheaded. He trod a long, winding path to today's Iraq, then detoured to talk about Syria.

As he continued to speechify, CNN cut away, then MSNBC.

Kerry kept talking. He turned to Vietnam, then back to Iraq. MSNBC checked in again, then CNN. Would he now get to the point?

The on-screen headlines said that Kerry would announce his withdrawal, but he did not.

Finally, half an hour later, the Massachusetts senator, his voice breaking, disclosed that he would, in fact, not be a candidate for president in the next election.

A flashback to the often droning, ponderous Kerry of 2004 was impossible to avoid.

Thanks Instapundit for the item!