Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OH NO! - Kerry Won't Run in 08!

Now who the hell are we going to find to provide so-o-o-o much fodder for the guns of blog-journalists?

I mean this guy, in his 04 campaign was a real stitch! He had such great moments from the "I voted for/before I voted against" to the "Magic Hat", and just volumes more......

Oh yeah, wait....there will be "Shrillary" with her lack of emotion, and complete lack of understanding of the know, PEOPLE!

AND, then of course there is going to be Obama who seems now tied to explaining his kindergarten class ideals........

OH, and there is Edwards....the perfect lawyer who knows how to win a case....of, er what....lawsuits????

& Let us not forget the man who brought us complete campaign finance/free speech idiocy....John McCain!

Stop to think about it, this will be a season of Presidential primary/election rife with BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL opportunities for the bloggers......

Bring it on election fans!