Monday, January 29, 2007

Anti-War Protesters Allowed to Spraypaint Capitol!

Yes, you read that correctly......Capitol Police....blocking off protesters trying to reach the steps of the Capitol Building were suddenly TOLD to allowed PROTESTERS TO PAINT THE STEPS WITH GRAFITTI! Police officers involved were distraught when their own leaders ordered them back so the protesters could access the steps!!!


Read about it HERE!!!

The police leaders now claim they were allowing the access to stop the protesters from a confrontation with police. My question would be, since the police had effectively stopped the protesters already; WHY the retreat, if not politically motivated? The argument of appeasement is typical liberal BS.

The protesters were allowed to deface property you and I own and have erected to mark our country and its greatness.

Guess the media didn't need to cover the thousands of supporters of the war who were there the week before....and they did not need to block them as they did not do anything destructive.

Our protest friends are back to childhood....let's write on the sidewalk and steps!

Idiotarians all.