Monday, January 29, 2007

Ice Chunk Explained....Car Destroyed!

I was really inquisitive about the ice chunk that obliterated that Mustang....

So, I emailed a friend who would know.....he retired a year or two ago from United where he was a Senior Captain flying 777s for United.

Here is his emailed answer....which assuaged my fears of "dirty" water dumped from the plane.....but still left some room for "blue" water....

"This happens from time to time. I think that it most often occurs when one of the valves used to fill the water systems on the airplane (both the clear drinking water and the blue toilet flushing water) is not properly closed when the service panel is closed. If the valve is not tightly closed it can leak. No big problem until the airplane is at high altitude and below freezing temperature....then a big chunk of ice forms on the door seal. Eventually it breaks off and falls to the ground. The ice is composed of clean water leaking from the storage tank and not any waste. This clear ice was drinking water....sometimes you hear of blue ice which would also be clean water, but designated for the toilet system.


I guess the blue water would possibly not be the best, but certainly makes the water less "bad"...except, of course, for the small matter of a 50 pound chunk landing at REALLY high speed.....particularly if it hit a person.