Friday, September 17, 2010

Ruh ROO!!!!!!!!

Think O'Donnell was bad for the DEMs.....

Wait til you see THIS!

There is a stampede in progress, and it may well eclipse the 1994 flood of GOP winners.....BUT of course, these winners will include many Tea Party folk, NOT endorsed by the GOP.

GOP....Be very, very careful. You may be replaced!


For Christ's Sake; GET A GRIP!

The DEMs have been allowed to spout their rhetoric for several years as the wussy GOP just thought they needed to be DEM-light.

The Tea Party is forcing the GOP to grow a pair.

If they do not, and the impact will possibly not be in 2010, but in 2012, the Tea Party will take over the GOP! It is THAT simple!

The 1994 GOP had the theme and the song. They then morphed into the team of spend-spend-spend, light DEMs. In 2006 they got their comeuppance...They lost Congress and the Senate (effectively), and in 2008 the total rout of the GOP was completed.

Bush, while a vigorous-defender of the US and its need to be attacking the Islamic terrorists, was a complete catastrophe in the spending department. He grew government and the budget. He fostered the fall of our economy (with HUGE support from the DEMs).

Now, we have a new theme...offered by the Tea Party. It will prevail in some elections this November.....It will fail in others. BUT, it will leave a deep, bright red, mark on the GOP. One which will produce MUCH more fruit in 2012. That could include the Obama scalp!

Go Tea Party....purify our idiots in the GOP "establishment"....make them inconsequential!

Love it.....


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The election of Christine O'Donnell last evening over the "anointed one" Mike Castle, was an awakening to the GOP. OLD POLITICS ARE OUT!

However they chose to take it as some sort of wreck for the party. "Someone does not go along with the old-line party ideals?????"


You got it Toyota!

The old is GONE....the new is IN......

But the GOP mainstream old-line folks just reverted to the standard "You are dooming us!"

Grow a reasoning folks....The times they are a changing!


"We Has Met The Enemy, and They Is US!"

Ah Pogo, what a sharp fellow you were.

Unfortunately the GOP seems oblivious to this fact...even as they castigate their own. Last night no sooner had Christine O'Donnell been named winner in the DE GOP primary than no less than the RNSC (Republican National Stupid announced that they would NOT fund this GOP candidate, but also the formerly thought-of bright guy Carl Rove went on a major rant against the candidate and in favor of her opponent, Rep. Mike (I never saw a Democrat idea I didn't like) Castle all on the Hannity show on FOX.

The reaction has been swift and L-O-U-D!

Michelle Malkin weighs in and mentions Castle is another Murkowski as he refuses to back O'Donnell!

At Hot Air Ed Morrissey goes a lot further, gathering additional comments on the GOP idiocy!

I believe, firmly, that even if the Tea Party winners cost the GOP a few seats in the Senate and/or House....the GOP traditionalist group which is whining and crying about like a DEM loser on steroids will cost the GOP long-term much more. In 2012 these childish reactions and "take my bat and go home" attitudes will cost the GOP. Wholesale ousting of these limpid excuses for leaders of the Grand Old Party could well be in the offing!

WAKE UP GOP!.....smell the T-E-A (and perhaps more importantly, the ideas behind the TEA!).


Tampa Tribune Remains Safely Liberal!

Current hurricane of new white pages...a school library story...last night's Rays baseball score...couple married 62 years die same day!

What do these items have in common? They comprised this morning's front page for the Tampa Tribune. No mention of the elections yesterday. No winners; no losers.

Oh wait, there is the story about the HUGE defeat of traditional moderate Republican Mike Castle (voted for cap and trade) by a Tea Party candidate, Christine O'Donnell......ON PAGE 11! Nothing to see here folks.....just move along.



Monday, September 13, 2010

Boehner Crumbles....Before The Challenge!

"I surrender....I'll go along....I'll accept mediocrity....."

John Boehner is now a pawn. He was attacked by the WH because they expect him to be the leader headed toward the Speaker's post in the House. He all-but-surrendered when he accepted the fact of dropping the Bush tax cuts on high income folks (if necessary)......

OF COURSE it will be necessary, given his cavalier approach to surrender. When the GOP gains control of the House in November, they had better weigh long and hard the possibility of this idiot being their House Speaker. He is NOT worthy!


The Conversation Is Not On POINT!

The primary discourse by the media/Dems/GOPers has been upon the future makeup of Congress/Senate after the 2010 mid-term elections.

That misses the major point of the actual public vote. There is a HUGE shift toward the Tea Party... That is the folks who are up-in-arms about the entire political arena....not just DEMs, but also GOPers.

The new point is the elections which have indicated the Tea Party (Conservatives/Libertarians) have begun to exert HUGE pressure upon the GOP.

There is a new dawn fraught with dissatisfaction among ALL voters....and one spurred mostly by a complete and utter upset with the Obama-ites, and their ignorance of public well as the fact that the GOP has in deed abandoned their conservative roots.

Sad but true, we now face a future of change which will eventually, I predict, drop the GOP into the pit of irrelevance and produce a NEW Tea Party bent upon change to the colossus which is the political picture today!

Welcome my friends!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

O-M-G!!! Boehner Said WHAT!!!!

If this is true, the idiot must be weeded out!

He could be our worst enemy!

Once again the "Wimpoid" GOP can be letting us down. WHY? Cause they never recognize success, and always vote for moderation. THAT, my friends, is why the TEA PARTY will succeed.

We are long overdue a check of the John B Creds!

Of course, the MSM is abetting in this disavowal of Boehner....they want him neutralized before he becomes Speaker.

Thanks MSM...we will remember and react!