Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"We Has Met The Enemy, and They Is US!"

Ah Pogo, what a sharp fellow you were.

Unfortunately the GOP seems oblivious to this fact...even as they castigate their own. Last night no sooner had Christine O'Donnell been named winner in the DE GOP primary than no less than the RNSC (Republican National Stupid announced that they would NOT fund this GOP candidate, but also the formerly thought-of bright guy Carl Rove went on a major rant against the candidate and in favor of her opponent, Rep. Mike (I never saw a Democrat idea I didn't like) Castle all on the Hannity show on FOX.

The reaction has been swift and L-O-U-D!

Michelle Malkin weighs in and mentions Castle is another Murkowski as he refuses to back O'Donnell!

At Hot Air Ed Morrissey goes a lot further, gathering additional comments on the GOP idiocy!

I believe, firmly, that even if the Tea Party winners cost the GOP a few seats in the Senate and/or House....the GOP traditionalist group which is whining and crying about like a DEM loser on steroids will cost the GOP long-term much more. In 2012 these childish reactions and "take my bat and go home" attitudes will cost the GOP. Wholesale ousting of these limpid excuses for leaders of the Grand Old Party could well be in the offing!

WAKE UP GOP!.....smell the T-E-A (and perhaps more importantly, the ideas behind the TEA!).