Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's A Simple Vote Folks!

November approaches. Many are concerned about our economy. Many are concerned about healthcare. Many are concerned about Big Government!

For those who feel we are on the wrong track....if you are serious about reversing the current grow-govt. trend....and providing an atmosphere which will allow solution of the above concerns....

VOTE after you check the voting record of the incumbent in your Congressional district. If that incumbent voted for healthcare, stimulus, etc. Vote for their opponent. To hell with the fact your rep. may have produced some $ for your area. The positives of those dollars received are WAY more than offset by the costs of the hideous programs voted by this uber-liberal Congress. In the long run you will lose from these votes. You will lose freedoms; $; and controls on government.

Vote AGAINST incumbents who got us here.....DEM or GOP!