Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WH Obfuscates Then Wonders Why No One Follows!

We HALT ALL DRILLING!....Three times. Two times the courts intervened. So Obama & Company doubled-down. Now they send folks to Gulf states to sooth and calm. BUT, they do nothing to help.

Once again it is a war-of-words which the WH uses. Actions in each and every case are almost opposite the words. They sit and wonder why they find themselves losing voters, public opinion, and every sort of support.

Who is in charge in the WH? Obama?...I am betting NOT! He is listening to too many folks who have the "golden ticket" approach to dealing with the public. Wave the ticket in front of the gullible public and they will follow is the mene.

No one in the public is as smart as we are, so they will follow the pied piper. BS! This public is far advanced in the field of finding false prophets. They were not in November 2008. Much has transpired since then. ALL of it negative for the public/employed/employers/and all who are not BIG government or union oriented. And still the WH cannot read the public.

Maybe some experience by the leadership in actual, you know, BUSINESS/REALITY would help. Where can they get this? Well, outside their sphere. BUT, BUT, BUT...if we go outside then we lose our theme/message!

Stumble, fall, trip, lose. WH Politics are failing by the numbers to a degree which far exceeds the Carter fiasco! And, they in the cocoon of the WH are not seeing any of this.

GOOD!.....Welcome the new post-November era!

I will!

My major concern now? Keeping the lame-duck DEMs from enacting legislation from Nov to January with which we will have to live post-this congress!