Friday, July 23, 2010

I Just Don't Understand!


The U.S. has laws about folks who enter the country illegally.

They DO NOT enforce those laws, and in fact, encourage local areas to ignore them also, vis-a-vis the allowance of "safe havens".

One state passes a law which COPIES the US laws, and seeks to enforce that which the US will not, despite their laws.

The US files suit to halt the state from enforcing "THE US's OWN LAWS".....based upon some trumped up charge of usurpation of federal law!

WHY-O-WHY cannot the Obamaites see the folly of this line of reasoning?

Cause they want to be in charge, and to choose which laws they will enforce. They are after ALL the rights of the states. They wish to control all...despite the intent of the constitution.

Cannot our population see this? YES, many do.....but 43% still support this idiot who would be GOD!