Sunday, August 08, 2010

It IS Happening!....Religion Is Not Supreme For Conservatives!

Not for me....Not for my son....Not for many of us in the so-called "Conservative" camp!

I am an ordained Presbyterian Deacon.....Ordained at age 21....a young father of a son and married less than 2 years. I became the church's Cub Master also....

Today, I am inactive, and question my faith. I am still a conservative politically! I still believe the government is TOO LARGE...too pervasive. I am probably more a Libertarian that I'd like to admit....BUT, they seem too prone to the shoot yourself in the foot mentality.

I avoid the discussion of abortion. I do not agree with my conservative fellows. I would like to think I represent a new class which is looking at our country and our politics as something that does not need to be completely conservative/religious.

Maybe there is room for a large class of less-than-religious folk who are still for small government and less control, less taxes.

I guess we are all, at this point in time, seeking answers....but knowing that the current Obama/Pelosi/Reid fiasco is abomination for all of us!