Monday, September 13, 2010

The Conversation Is Not On POINT!

The primary discourse by the media/Dems/GOPers has been upon the future makeup of Congress/Senate after the 2010 mid-term elections.

That misses the major point of the actual public vote. There is a HUGE shift toward the Tea Party... That is the folks who are up-in-arms about the entire political arena....not just DEMs, but also GOPers.

The new point is the elections which have indicated the Tea Party (Conservatives/Libertarians) have begun to exert HUGE pressure upon the GOP.

There is a new dawn fraught with dissatisfaction among ALL voters....and one spurred mostly by a complete and utter upset with the Obama-ites, and their ignorance of public well as the fact that the GOP has in deed abandoned their conservative roots.

Sad but true, we now face a future of change which will eventually, I predict, drop the GOP into the pit of irrelevance and produce a NEW Tea Party bent upon change to the colossus which is the political picture today!

Welcome my friends!