Saturday, April 28, 2007

A THIRD Party in 2008?

Not quite as far-fetched as you might think. There is is NOT Libertarian; Green; etc.

No less than Sam Waterston of "Law & Order" fame (yes he has played the part with Thompson!) is a spokesman.

In my state of mind, this could be welcomed........


A bit of a reach, perhaps.....a Dem and a GOP ticket together?

For my money how about Thompson/Lieberman?

Think about it.......don't just fogedaboutit!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Democratic Bumper Sticker!

Just seems appropo to me....

& It only took 20 minutes in PS 22...


Hooter's County Courthouse; McDonald's County Jail?

Sound a bit preposterous?

It is close to Broward County, Florida.

The county's chief officer sees 7 million dollars a year by allowing businesses to name the county buildings...much as sports stadiums are now named.

How utterly crass!


UPDATE: I cannot find this on, but instead saw it this morning on the FOX News Channel (37 on Bright House in Tampa).....

"Grey Lady Down!"

No, I am not referring to the movie about a sunken submarine. I refer instead to the venerable New York Times as she slips into oblivion.

This week stockholders (in the minority due control of the entire board by Sulzberger) but still holding 42% interest, refused to vote in new board selection elections as a protest to the crashing stock, sliding circulation, and biased news of the Times.

The latest circulation figures coming out as i write will indicate the NYT is still slipping slowly away in circulation.

The Sulzbergers do not care. The NYT is not an investment to them...after all who would find management doing well when stocks have lost 48% of their value in two is a propaganda sheet they can, and do, blatantly aim at conservatives much like the weapons they wish to control!

They deserve whatever they get.


A Lone Sane Voice on Iraq!

Joe Lieberman speaks out and sez what needs saying!

Surrender/cut-n-run/white flag waving idots in the Congress have wrongly interpreted last fall's election as a referendum on the war....instead of a composite of anti-GOP sentiment because of the GOP squandering of their stated 1994 intentions. The GOP had its chance and blew it. They spent/cheated/wrangled and became the Democrats in their governance. The people were NOT voting Democratic....they were voting against the GOP mis-management and deceit.

This current flap on Iraq is NOT an answer. Lieberman should be the VP candidate in 2008...ON THE GOP Ticket!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surgery O.K.!

Duchess is doing OK after her surgery to correct a multiple injury of her right shoulder....I am the babysitter...cook, etc.

The process will take 6 months to full-recovery....The problem was one which was painful for her, and got worse.

We will survive for future exploration in our RV....


"I Believe We Have Lost, & I'll Not Believe any Military Leader Who Sez Different!"

So sayeth The idiotarian Demo Leader......Harry (I'm A Loser) Reid!

This is beyond the pale.....


Remind you of the old saying......

"My Mind is Made Up; Don't Confuse Me With F-A-C-T-S!!!!!"

Reid has decided what is, and nothing will change his mind. Is this the man you want telling us what we should do in WAR?????

Not in my lifetime!


Gas Prices - News Media's L - I - E !!!!

Let us look at the headlines.....TODAY!

MSNBC - "Consumer confidence crumbled in April"

ABC News - "Oil Prices Rise on Supply Worries"

CBS News - "Oil, Gas Rise On U.S. Inventory Report"

WOW! Such disastrous news......Everything is Gloom and Doom....despite the figures which indicate the stock market is growing by leaps and bounds....soon to top 13,000 and some predict a near-future 14,000 for the DOW.

Guess it must be the media need to stop anything POSITIVE!

Let us look at the gas prices in today's market....with a about compared back to pre-1980s, with a price adjustment????

Guess what folks.....

Gas is NO MORE expensive today....possibly less...than in the 1980s. The BLUE line tells the story...the costs today are actually less than, or equal to the 1980s!

So much for the media and their ever-alert the news!

THEY LIE folks....They WANT the news to be bad.....They NEVER print/air G-O-O-D news. It is bad for the cycle of GOP-President.....

The entire picture would change given a DEM president!

& We also must take into account the fact that the Main Stream Media (MSM-Read ANTIQUE MEDIA) will continue this forever....or until they become completely unimportant in the scope of things....something they move toward each year!


Where's Our Next Drudge?

Now that Drudge has moved so far left as to be part of the KOS kids network, where lies our next actual newshound in the "original" Drudge mold?

I learned, early on in my somewhat limited blogging career, that each morning your 1st stop was the Drudge Report. There, if not in complete coverage, you found the nuggets to pursue to keep yourself educated about the current goings-on netwise!

Now, I look there, and find so much leftist garbage as to make the Drudge Report almost an irrelevant item for my use.

Some days i now go there not at all.

Where will be our next place for gathering the items we wish to pursue?

Real Clear Politics gave us some variety, at least....though much of it was quite predictable vis-a-vis the usual newspaper stuff.....excepting, of course, many of the RCP columns themselves. (Yes, I read with a Rightee-Libertarian viewpoint.)

Where IS the next Drudge?


HOWEVER......Reid "Supports" The Troops!!!!!

Yes, it is true....Senator Harry "Loser" Reid does support our troops.....

Just read this by Scott Ott

Thanks Harry! Whatta Guy.....

You are just such a cutey with your "surrender in spite of near-victory" stance....

Guess you've garnered the military vote in Nevada next time!


p.s. for the rabid Left reading this.....YES, it IS SATIRE! Everyone else will know!

How Basic! - Talk Defeat, You Lose! Thanks Reid!

Come on gang, we can talk ourselves into losing this Iraq War....we just have to keep up the know...."Lose, USA.....Lose, USA!"

Thanks Harry Reid, you traitor.....Oh, and while you are about it, sure that in order to continue your "lose-lose-lose" mantra you don't accept any GOOD know, like from YOUR CHOSEN LEADER of the US military in Iraq! My God! He MIGHT say something positive, and knock out all our negative spin!

Just read John O'Sullivan on the topic!

No one E-V-E-R won a war by espousing defeat. No Congress has ever RUN a war! Why would we wish to let the 1st Congressionally-run war be led by Pelosi and Reid? ARE YOU CRAZY?

Let the military run the war....

Seems to me the least their leadership....are quite fearful that they will be unable to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.....

Talk about cart before the horse politics!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Dems Avoid Positive Iraq Report from Petreus!

The Democrats, led by Pelosi, are doing anything they can to avoid a positive report from General Petreus...including just making themselves not available for an update from him.

How pathetic is that?

Michael Barone tells it as it is.....and the Dems look really out-of-touch. I am reminded of the old commercial which featured a group of little yellow ducklings walking all over a huge dog laying on the floor and exclaiming..."What dog, do you see a dog? I don't see any dog!"

The majority of you voted for this idiocy!


Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Car Swarm" - What the Heck is This????

Little Green Footballs is all over a question I have had for years.....What is this perverse habit Palestinians demonstrate in the face of bombed-out cars?

His POST tells the story....our actually begs the question!

What would prompt any thinking individual to "inspect" a blown up vehicle by climbing all over it while lots of folks watch?

I cannot remember the last time I saw folks crawling atop a wrecked/burned out vehicle here in Tampa, for that matter, anywhere else in the Western world.

But then i don't remember the last time in the Western World I saw someone film a 12 year old beheading some poor soul....You talk about differing ideologies!

Sometimes I wonder what our media people they have specially-colored glasses which give them more insight....or perhaps, help them avoid addressing any issues about Islamic reactions to worldly things?



Duchess - Surgery - 3rd Time is A Charm?

Tomorrow we are headed, for the 3rd time, to hospital for Duchess' shoulder rebuild surgery. The 1st time bombed when I managed to infect her with my round of respiratory crud.....2nd time we were in route home from Gatlinburg when a call informed us Medicare would not fund the operation at our chosen facility.

Now, two weeks later we are finally apparently go for launch tomorrow noonish....

Duchess is ready as she has lived in pain since mid-February with the damaged shoulder. For those who have not seen earlier posts, she fell in our motorhome in route to Ft. Lauderdale when I had to brake suddenly as she was walking forward. Her momentum sent her shoulder-first into the motor console. Rotator cuff torn, two tendons disconnected, and a muscle tear....OUCH!

She is quite ready to get the surgery and begin the rehab process so we can continue plans for a June/July trip to Oregon and Washington via Houston and returning through Illinois (both sites are home to kids/grandkids).

I may be blogging tomorrow and may not (depending upon available signal at our surgery facility.....

Pray for her...though this is not life-threatening surgery! She, by the way, been a a retired surgical nurse herself (heart transplants/openheart/etc.)... she is quite stoic in the face of pain....which lets me know just haw difficult this has been.

I'll be hous frau for the next couple of weeks; cooking, laundry, nurse-assistant, etc. I do not mind in the least for I shall be doing same for my Lady!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Swift-Boated?" - The Deceit of John Kerry!

There was reason for John Kerry's negative military vote in 2004. Lots of reason.

Ask Val McMurdie:

"I've read your blog post and realize your arguments are cogent for the general public to read. I was the Operations Officer and Division Operations Officer for Operation Market Time and directed Swift Boat operations, intercepts, etc. in South Vietnam beginning in November 1969.

For those veterans who served in South Vietnam, numbering approximately 1.5 million, and for at least the nine million veterans who are eligible to vote, Kerry had two instantaneous problems after the Swift Boat Veterans ad came out: 1) all of us knew it is virtually impossible to be awarded three Purple Hearts without ever spending a day in the hospital; 2) his accusations that war crimes were commonly committed by service men, or sailors, which none of us had ever heard of, let alone seen. The phony Purple Hearts killed Kerry as an honest or honorable man to probably 90 percent of veterans. Phony Purple Hearts put him among the most unethical people in the county.

As an officer, and medical officer for the North coast, since the Swift Boats had no MD, I can tell you that it would have been easy for me to ask the "Doc" corpsman to write me up for a Purple Heart for every scratch I received on any one of dozens of operations. I could have had five Purple Hearts had I wished to dishonor myself and wounded and dead sailors. I have none. I rate John Kerry among criminals, and despicable, on this point alone.

It is difficult for civilians to understand the responsibility and authority of junior naval officers serving in Operation Market Time. Any junior officer, Ensign or jg could have obtained several Purple Hearts had he wished to by simply asking the corpsman to write up any scratch in his medical record. It would have been that easy.

Without having been there, you may not realize these real world realities."

Nuff said!


Hillary - "Let's Pander To Pimps!"

Well, perhaps not exactly, but she has done the near-impossible....unless the public steps in and reminds her she is NOT immune to critical talk about her choices....

How do you "Diss" Imus and "Accept" money from those who spout the same rhetorical language....but in more intense delivery? Just ask Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters... and then ask Hillary W-H-Y?????

She'll not answer, but the question will be delicious!

Does anyone other than me begin to get the feeling that all is not right in Hillaryworld??? Perhaps the control/check/drive mechanism of "Willie" Clinton is not there in Hillary!

Could ya just love it?????


Maybe Harry Reid Needs to See This!

At YouTube.

Let him watch this in front of a crowd and repeat his statement!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's Join Reid In Proclaiming Things!

"The Iraq War Is Lost!"

So sez Harry Reid......

Thus some other truisims should also be set forth...

From IMAO.....

"Let's Declare Stuff
Posted by Frank J. at 01:42 PM

Since Harry Reid is declaring things such as that the war is lost (Hear that, terrorists? You won! Yay!), I'd like to declare some things.

I declare that Harry Reid has no penis and is, in fact, a little girl.

I declare that Ted Kennedy is nothing buy the giant Jabba the Hutt puppet from Return of the Jedi placed in a suit.

I declare that Nancy Pelosi is nothing but an animatronic made by stretching an old piece of leather on a plaster skull."

Yeah....that's it....


Fred Thompson Shows His Position....

A Strong people....not one left helpless by "legislating" control and care for our populace. That is Fred Thompson's position...

It is the right one...

Time for the people to do what they did in Colonial times....stand up for themselves and their country. NOT depend upon a corrupt, liberalist attitude to defend them. That never happens.


Kyoto Prepares for A Broadside!

The Kyoto Accords, voted against by a US Congress, and denied by Presidents Clinton and Bush, has taken...or is about to take another broadside. Canada indicates it may leave the Kyoto agreements soon in favor of a much-more obvious and workable solution partnered by the United States. A Bush victory.....

THE STORY from Capt. Ed.

Time for some media reconsideration.....oh, and will the Dems now quit blaming Bush for THEIR negative vote???? Doubt it, after all.....we've lost the war in Iraq!


BULLETIN: We've (NOT) Lost The War!

Senator Harry Reid, defeatist, Democrat, & Liar.....has decided that he is the judge of who wins a war....

Many soldiers reply to this response: "I was upset by your comments concerning the war today. We've lost? By what measure? It seems as though we are measuring our losses through the terrorist's eyes and those of Al Quaida and not our own. As someone who knows many people actively involved in the war, I am not hearing about our loss. On the contrary, I hear of hospitals and schools being built, about capacity building, about smiles on children's faces, about how we are getting Bagdhad back since the surge started. Though we mourn the loss of every troop who has died, our losses don't even compare with ANY previous major war, especially when you consider the amount gained. Do you know how many Iraqi doctors have received training in Western medicine because of our presence? What about Iraqi engineers, economists? We CAN win this war, but only with your support. If we lose this war, and I mean IF, it will be the fault of those who have pre-declared our loss, and you seem to be their flag bearer. Remember, you can't say that you support the troops if you have declared them to be failures. I believe your comments were irresponsible at the very least - foolish at the most."

Michelle Malkin gathers similar letters and email to Senator (I surrender) Reid....
They are a great read!!!

Are we sure Reid isn't French????


Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBC Trumps Rather In Lack of Sense!

Hugh Hewitt says it well; THEY WERE WRONG!!!

For the sake of their own self-promotion, NBC tops the list of wrong-headed decisions for the millenium!



The facts are in, and CAIR....long recognized as supporting any form of Islamic radical activity.... has chosen to support many things we'd find less-than-acceptable.....

Just READ THIS!!!!

Then T-H-I-N-K!!!!!

CAIR is the PR arm of terrorist-recognized organizations in the USA!

If you think not, then you'd better read their site, and the sites which debunk them!

I do!


The Killer.....Wrongheadedness About VT!

Just read the piece..... and understand something more than......"remove the weapons".....They WILL NOT be removed! They will be available to criminals.....they will be used by criminals!

Only an armed, licensed, trained public will stop this idiocy!

Political correctness is once again (how many times!) proven W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!

Can someone wake up and allow us to take up arms as the founding fathers suggested? Your nice little (PC) tea and crumpets world DOES NOT exist, and never will. It has failed in EVERY application, and yet you persist in your dream (nightmare?).


Wimps Are Not US!

Bush wimps out way too often.....Gonzalez has wimped out often. Reagan would not have in either case.

Gonzalez' response to the Dem taunt today should have been, "Look, the President has absolute control over appointments of U S Attorneys!" But then of course, Bush should have long-ago told the Dems....."Butt Out! It is my territory....just as it was Clintons when he fired all 93 of them!"

Why, oh why is Bush such a wimp? & Why is Gonzalez imitating his act?

I guess we know why the GOP base has meandered about and not been forceful in electing their Congress!

Sad, just sad.......Speak out about your convictions....they are NOT something to be carried in your hip pocket like a weapon. They only work when used!!!!



"Cut & Run" is Now to Be "Advisory"...Not Mandatory!


Democrats are now prepared to make their latest "cut and run" policy into one of "advising" the President, rather than requiring a set date.

These folks are completely illogical.

Michelle Malkin tells the tale....with links!

These people know no bounds. They will cut and run us from the world....except from such play-pals of theirs as Assad, Ah-mad-in-a-jad, et al. They really want to talk to them so everything will be O.K. Such a simple concept from such a simple set of idiots!

The best part is they are pixxing off their extreme left in making this change. Watch for a KOS-Kids Jihad on their axxes for such a step.

Love it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Self-Defense Mode, Please!

Michelle Malkin speaks to the self-defense needs of the citizens of the United States!

Here, Here!

Re my earlier posts, the only ones who benefit from the governmental meddling in our 2nd Amendment rights are the criminals. The head-in-the-sand false-prophets of the anti-gun crowd are both wrong-headed and just plain out of touch with reality.

Michelle's closing paragraph is worthy of repeating!

"Enough is enough, indeed. Enough of intellectual disarmament. Enough of physical disarmament. You want a safer campus? It begins with renewing a culture of self-defense—mind, spirit, and body. It begins with two words: Fight back."


New Quote Added

I have added a new quote to my blog in the right column, below where my email address is listed.

I picked it up from a piece by David Kopel in the Wall Street Journal.

Sez it all for me.....the quote and Mr. Kopel's article.


Candlelight Vigil - 1st Person!

My friend from high school, now an administrator at Virginia Tech, attended last night's ceremony and emailed.....

"(my wife) and I just returned from the candlelight vigil on the drill field...pretty moving. It is difficult for me to be objective having spent the last 7.5 years of my career in VT administration. However, I am sure that President Steger made what he thought was the best decision, based on the facts he had before him at the moment. We are all good "...second guessers." The majority of the community here is behind him. (my wife's) friend today commented that this guy had made up his mind that he was going to kill yesterday, and if the University had been in total lockdown immediately after the first two dorm murders, he would have gone to a store, an elementary school or somewhere else in Blacksburg that was not "locked down" and accomplished his evil plan. I am sure new Orwellian "Animal Farm" recommendations will arise nationwide for responding to mass murder threats on campuses from this experience.

I do know this...that seeing the response of the VT students, faculty, staff, and the citizens of Blacksburg to this terrible tragedy, has made me more proud than ever to be a HOKIE...."


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Irony, Oh Irony! - Thy Name is Congress!

Only the duly-elected members of our Congress could contrive this ignorance of their comedic look as they deliberate and R-U-L-E!

READ this and then cry!

How very, very true of our wonderous legislators who ignore anything about their own responsibility, and further the cause of everyone else's responsibility!

These folks have the baxxs of steel!


Unarmed & Vulnerable!

My post on the carrying of guns on campus fits really well with this piece just out by a student there at Virginia Tech.....

"Unarmed and vulnerable

Bradford B. Wiles

(Wiles, of New Castle, is a graduate student at Virginia Tech.)

On Aug. 21 at about 9:20 a.m., my graduate-level class was evacuated from the Squires Student Center. We were interrupted in class and not informed of anything other than the following words: "You need to get out of the building."

Upon exiting the classroom, we were met at the doors leading outside by two armor-clad policemen with fully automatic weapons, plus their side arms. Once outside, there were several more officers with either fully automatic rifles and pump shotguns, and policemen running down the street, pistols drawn.

It was at this time that I realized that I had no viable means of protecting myself.

Please realize that I am licensed to carry a concealed handgun in the commonwealth of Virginia, and do so on a regular basis. However, because I am a Virginia Tech student, I am prohibited from carrying at school because of Virginia Tech's student policy, which makes possession of a handgun an expellable offense, but not a prosecutable crime.

I had entrusted my safety, and the safety of others to the police. In light of this, there are a few things I wish to point out.

First, I never want to have my safety fully in the hands of anyone else, including the police.

Second, I considered bringing my gun with me to campus, but did not due to the obvious risk of losing my graduate career, which is ridiculous because had I been shot and killed, there would have been no graduate career for me anyway.

Third, and most important, I am trained and able to carry a concealed handgun almost anywhere in Virginia and other states that have reciprocity with Virginia, but cannot carry where I spend more time than anywhere else because, somehow, I become a threat to others when I cross from the town of Blacksburg onto Virginia Tech's campus.

Of all of the emotions and thoughts that were running through my head that morning, the most overwhelming one was of helplessness.

That feeling of helplessness has been difficult to reconcile because I knew I would have been safer with a proper means to defend myself.

I would also like to point out that when I mentioned to a professor that I would feel safer with my gun, this is what she said to me, "I would feel safer if you had your gun."

The policy that forbids students who are legally licensed to carry in Virginia needs to be changed.

I am qualified and capable of carrying a concealed handgun and urge you to work with me to allow my most basic right of self-defense, and eliminate my entrusting my safety and the safety of my classmates to the government.

This incident makes it clear that it is time that Virginia Tech and the commonwealth of Virginia let me take responsibility for my safety."

How very, very true. Perhaps, just perhaps this will shake loose the Virginia Legislature which just stopped a carrying bill (regarding colleges) in recent weeks.

I have been considering a class and purchase of a gun for carrying in my RV on our trips...sometimes we stay in out-of-the-way places where security is non-existant. Time to act on my thoughts.


Virginia Tech Gets Closer to Me!

I have mentioned from time to time a rather unusual group to which i belong....about 60 plus classmates from my high school, still in touch today from around the world.

This morning I heard from a Professor from my group. He's at Virginia Tech....His words on the incident in an email ring true.....

"I unknowingly drove by the dorm of the first shooting at 7:55am on my way to a Doctor's appointment. Everything looked normal at that time even though two people had already been killed. It is incomprehensible...sirens have been whining all day and even into the night tonight... Apparently, they will release names tomorrow. The sad fact is that it could have happened on any campus in this country..."

I expect to hear more from him in the coming days about the reactions, recovery, etc. I'll post those comments, but they will be anonymous!


UPDATE: The brother of the above writer, also an educator, wrote on the same topic in an email...."It truly is a sad situation, but consider that this appears to have been the work of a person who may have been mentally unstable. Think of how vulnerable we all are to an attack not only by such individuals but also by terrorists.
We have been going for 200 plus years generally not carrying firearms except primarily for the old west. It may be time to change just so that we may defend ourselves from such an unwarranted attack.

About Time Minneapolis! - Hat Tip!!!

Wanna drive a taxi in the airport? Then you will now have to take any and all passengers, including those who carry alcohol!

The Authority in charge voted 11-0 (read Scott from Powerline's story here) to enforce this rule.

In the face of muslim drivers who began an idiotic action which they claimed was religion-related as they refused to take people with dogs and those carrying alcohol. In an apparent attempt to enforce their religion as paramount, they refused some passengers.

The Authority has now made emphatically clear the fact that if you put yourself out as a taxi driver, you serve all know, like in non-discrimination!

Good on ya Minneapolis!


Monday, April 16, 2007

Money Where Your MOUTH Is!.......

One of the questions I find myself the face of "Gollywood" pronouncements about politics, environment, etc. is.........."How much do the Mega-Stars who yell, scream, and give opinion as if they were Gods actually do for others?"

I'd like to know.....they need to deliver to us an accounting that would help legitimize their rants....

Let me see what response we get to this.....


I'll go searching myself to help determine what they do!


WHY???? - No Plans For This???

The question begs answer.....will the media ask it?

WHY, in this day of school shootings, et al, did not this campus AUTOMATICALLY close down when the 1st shooting occurred? WHY did not the police notify every building, every classroom, every some fashion easily recognizable? WHY did the warnings come as emails....something not always read by the students at regular intervals?

The question seems to hinge upon the simple fact of the police (campus, city, county?) considering this a shooting with an escaped shooter, and NOT seriously consider this deranged idiot would strike again????

There are lots of questions the administration/campus police/local police need to answer with something other than "We Thought".......NO, they did not anticipate.... At this point in time, following the many shootings (including one on THIS VERY campus) that there might be additional shootings.

We need some answers folks......quickly, and not following the PC version of "We Thought"....


May God Have Mercy On His Soul!

The gunman at Virginia Tech, home of the Hokies, whatever crazed and totally inhuman person he was as he committed this crime, should be prayed for as well as the many, many families who tonight will weep from the heinous crimes of this person. I weep with the families as I write this. It is unimaginable to me as my brood of grandkids approach college age that this could occur!

There is nothing to be learned from a "why".....we can study, and search the remaining possessions of the killer....we can attempt to analyze why....but we can never know for sure.

One item stands out in my mind....a phrase oft used, and I am sure despised by the Liberals who oppose the Constitutional right to possess and carry arms....

If Guns are outlawed.....only criminals will possess them!

The phrase holds much truth. There was a law and rules which prohibited students from carrying even LICENSED guns on this campus. A single "licensed and legal" gun carrying student could have ended this carnage at a few deaths. In fact, the fact that folks were licensed and allowed to carry would have possibly stopped this BEFORE it began through the awareness of this shooter that others were carrying!

Think about it. The licensed folk of this country, carrying weapons, account for few crimes involving their weapons.....I'll have to find the data, if available, about this.....but we all know for fact that only those who possess guns illegally commit crimes by a wide margin. We have seen it time, after time, after time. AND, even if he were licensed and permitted, this gunman still could have been stopped by another licensed individual. This gunman was at the least NOT following the law in this case by bringing the gun to campus.

When will the whining peaceniks finally, if ever, admit the truth....their mantra of peace will NOT work. Strength is the O-N-L-Y deterrent!

It is time for those who believe our Constitution to step forward and allow gun carrying on campus & in life daily. Then trained, focused, logical folk can defend themselves.


REALITY CHECK! - Media Biased On R-A-C-E!

No, tell me it ain't so. Please don't ask me to believe our venerable Main Stream Media, those old-line folks who are the elitists of the news of today, are Racially-Biased! Can't Be!

Well it could in fact IS! Just read Jack Dunphy's story folks!

The facts are quite transparent when reviewed. The scary part, other than the huge margin of crime in black-latino communities is the oncoming similar news media refusal to recognize that Muslims (Extremists for the most part) could possibly have a leaning toward crimes against people.


Separate, But Equal!

or.......How, Muslims.....want their own SPACE.....

Captain Ed explores this which higher education is taking seriously.

So, check it out and think about it. It is no different than separating whites and blacks.....a FAILED attempt!


Disconnect in Truth?

Quoting Charles Krauthammer: "By the day, the debate at home about Iraq becomes increasingly disconnected from the realities of the actual war on the ground. The Democrats in Congress are so consumed with negotiating among their factions the most clever linguistic device to legislatively ensure the failure of the administration’s current military strategy—while not appearing to do so—that they speak almost not at all about the first visible results of that strategy."

Such a truth cannot long be ignored by the public....even if the MSM (Antique Media) seem to know they can hide any and all good news from Iraq. Enough blogs unveil the truth and today the public reads blogs. The public knows more than the media reports.

Krauthammer's column is a good read.....Enjoy it HERE!

On the topic of disconnect between the public and the MSM.....a weekend MSNBC poll showed something MSNBC was not at all expecting. 73% of the public said they though Imus should NOT have been fired. After all while the rappers go through their "hos", "niggas", and violent treatment of women in each and every song, and Al Sharpton is allowed to sit in judgment after his own riot-inciting earlier tal, Imus is almost a lamb with a mouth out of gear.

But that is another topic.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cell Phones Killing Off Bees?

Far-fetched? Not according to at least one study that claims bees internal navigation system is turned off by cell phones and other radiation from electronic devices!

Read the story by Geoffrey Lean and Harriett Shawcross from The Independent, an English publication.

Something is doing it, and there seems no other explanation yet with such possibility. I'd sure like to see more investigation.....such as, what is happening to hives located far from cell towers and such....perhaps in our less-developed cell areas out West?

The report is certainly right in one respect...without bees pollination is going to be really tough!


UPDATE: Newer reports question this, and I do believe I went off into an area with not enough knowledge! Seems the bees, at least according to several scientists, are followers of light and not any form of phone radiation which is another area of the spectrum altogether.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nifong Got "Million Dollars In Advertising" Via Duke Case!

By his own admission, DA Nifong was getting free publicity from his intense move to take over the Duke rape case....a highly-unusual move for a DA.

The story is enough to make you sick!

This man does not need his license to practice law revoked! He needs to GO To JAIL! Go directly to jail, do not pass GO and do not collect $200.....Oh, wait he already collected "a million dollars in advertising".....

What an ass!


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duke Rape "Squad" - Imus Comments....Equal???

Not in this lifetime! But to see the national media's coverage of the two items you'd believe they are equal at least....perhaps Imus is more guilty than the Duke boys just on the basis of racial things.......The general rule has evolved to....(in the Antique Media)...Whites charged with a crime.....instant racial guilt...Since the "victim" was black......Imus, however, made a comment with racial tones and he is guilty, shipped off to purgatory, etc. Freedom of speech extends only to blacks and race-conspiracy idiots. Just check out my post below about the Imus item as Michelle Malkin covers it.....

Meanwhile Instapundit (A LAW Professor) puts it together best about the entire charade of old media coverage!

I am ashamed of my old profession.....I left it 30 plus years ago as I noted the movement toward PC & the issues of "writing the news" versus "delivering the news". The media today do not report....they spin the news to the liberal bias....and they are too stupid or too driven to admit their own bias.

A POX on the media for this....Screw their "elitist" views of they know best. That sounds a lot like the French who would "let them eat cake!"


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's Over....and Now It Begins!!!! Duke Players Charges Dropped!

The charges against the three Duke Lacrosse players have all been dropped, and DA Nifong has come in for some bombs against his conduct of the case.

Read the story....

And now it begins......Time for the DA who built his re-election upon a faulty case; made himself a public figure with statements no DA should ever make; hid evidence of the innocence of the Duke lacrosse players; etc. to Pay The Piper!!!!!

I sincerely hope this man who has placed a smudge on the lives of three innocent students with his wanton abandonment of prosecutorial principles is in deed charged with the crimes he has committed. No public prosecutor should ever be excused such an infraction. He should pay far beyond the price of losing his license. He needs to do the time his accused would have done under the guise of his false charges.

I am confident he and his county and his city and his fellows in the office will be paying massive amounts on lawsuits filed in the next few days/weeks.

One of my prime points of upset here is the news conference posed by the Duke Univ. staff folks. I hope they are also forced to pay....individually as well as as a unit. This rag-tag liberal organization of elitist idiots has forever damaged Duke and its stature. Let Duke try to make this into something neutral. Ain;t gonna fly folks. The "Gang of 88" needs to come forward and admit their wrongdoings. WILL NOT happen! They are already digging into the ground and hiding under platitudes of shoulda-woulda-coulda.......

I hope this is a wake up call to other idiots of the higher education village that they are NOT impervious to the reality of society. They live in their ivory towers of education and claim immunity from real life, but still pander to the real life by their statements. May they also hang on their idiotarian comments.

There....I have vented my spleen!


Hummm! - Imus Got No Ownership on Dem Hos!

The Imus conflagration is so deep and full of such idiots as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al, and their righteous yowling about the Imus debacle. I agree; Imus was wrong...but to have such stellar, black rights champions as Jackson and Sharpton clammoring about over the three words is beyond understanding.

The words he used are never used any more!!! Correct???

WRONG by a country mile.....

Michelle Malkin Puts The Death to that rumor!

When the pot stops calling the kettle black, I'll get on board....til then; Jesse and Al better try making it equal for all sides. What's free speech for one is free speech for all! & That's the fact Jack!


Cost of Cheap Illegal Labor - $2.2 TRILLION !!!!

That shake your grates a bit? Sure did mine.

Just Check the details....

The "cheap" part is to the individual businessman. The "expensive" part is to we, the taxpayers who are supporting the illegals and their associated costs. Bush still supports this idiocy!

Time for a party to be formed to put the brakes on the two parties who wish only to cater to potential votes by illegals when they are "legitimized." This trend would quickly reverse itself and a wall would go up so fast as to make your head spin if enough of the voting public would actually care enough to vote against ANY politician who favors making illegals legal....and doing so while still allowing the open border.

While I find the idea abhorrent, some of the anti-illegals have actually expressed a wish that the flow of illegals would include at least one terrorist who exploded something, or caused some form of terrorist activity. That would really shake some voters up and they feel convert voters to the above platform.

That is too extreme for me, but that being said, I am sure eventually something similar will occur. Until then we will get only DUI-Illegals killing people, knifings, shootings, bankrupting of our educational and social services at the state and local level, and a few hundred assorted other problems.

So much for the CHEAP labor!

How's your pocket feel....? Mine feels PICKED!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Time for the troops to find TRUTH! The Democrats are Avoiding TRUTH! They are A-F-R-A-I-D of FOX News......

They cannot bring themselves to find any way to be on FOX....."Chickens!!!!"

This is Truth!!!

At Least by my standards! If the Dems are this fragile, and this afraid of any form of confrontation....they must have a VERY-VERY fragile not open to ANY form of scrutiny!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Guff is Gore's Forte!

Not all scientists believe the guff from Gore. How about an MIT Scientist?

This one is going to play out that Gore is all wet...but it may take a long while.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Universal Healthcare - A POX on Any Health Care!

SO you are one of the folks who just KNOW that Universal Healthcare is the answer?

You better read THIS ARTICLE so you can see just what you are asking for.

For my part, I'd say the UHC is a crock of you-know-what....

Better check your candidates for Pres as well....Make sure your choice isn't aimed at this expensive tax-eating boondoggle to REMOVE healthcare!


Too Much - Brits Home & Iran Unpunished!

There is already at least one report the Iranians got to talk with their folks we nabbed in Iraq in exchange for the release of the Brit swabbies.

My guess this little episode is over, but that Iran will use the same thing again when they need to deflect news from further UN slaps; abd/or, they want to impress the Arab world with what power they have as no one did anything more than throw their hands in the air and cry out... No real action militarily, and less than strong words issued.....the strongest being Tony Blair's wah-wah speech about if they didn't return the folks the Brits would "ratchet up the pressure!"

Yeah right! Who would have ever believed the British Navy/Marines would be so lousy and weak...let alone the Brits themselves?

Mr. Churchill has left the house!


Posting Vacation

In Gatlinburg......In our "Roadhouse" & towing "Sideroad Suzie"....

Stories will describe, and hopefully pics demonstrate, the trip at: (Story & some pics) (pics and some story)

Be back here Tuesday morning.

Later gang!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

If You Teach Nothing That Offends Them, Then We'll All Be NICE!

Hello Liberal appeasers......YOU ARE WRONG!

Wait a minute, I am preaching to the wrong English readers are quite limited by last count.

In England, teachers are quietly DROPPING any reference to the Holocaust and any other items that might "offend" the "Religion of Peace".....Terrorists that they are.

How are our US teachers reacting......?????

I'd really like to know.