Monday, April 16, 2007

WHY???? - No Plans For This???

The question begs answer.....will the media ask it?

WHY, in this day of school shootings, et al, did not this campus AUTOMATICALLY close down when the 1st shooting occurred? WHY did not the police notify every building, every classroom, every some fashion easily recognizable? WHY did the warnings come as emails....something not always read by the students at regular intervals?

The question seems to hinge upon the simple fact of the police (campus, city, county?) considering this a shooting with an escaped shooter, and NOT seriously consider this deranged idiot would strike again????

There are lots of questions the administration/campus police/local police need to answer with something other than "We Thought".......NO, they did not anticipate.... At this point in time, following the many shootings (including one on THIS VERY campus) that there might be additional shootings.

We need some answers folks......quickly, and not following the PC version of "We Thought"....