Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cell Phones Killing Off Bees?

Far-fetched? Not according to at least one study that claims bees internal navigation system is turned off by cell phones and other radiation from electronic devices!

Read the story by Geoffrey Lean and Harriett Shawcross from The Independent, an English publication.

Something is doing it, and there seems no other explanation yet with such possibility. I'd sure like to see more investigation.....such as, what is happening to hives located far from cell towers and such....perhaps in our less-developed cell areas out West?

The report is certainly right in one respect...without bees pollination is going to be really tough!


UPDATE: Newer reports question this, and I do believe I went off into an area with not enough knowledge! Seems the bees, at least according to several scientists, are followers of light and not any form of phone radiation which is another area of the spectrum altogether.