Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cost of Cheap Illegal Labor - $2.2 TRILLION !!!!

That shake your grates a bit? Sure did mine.

Just Check the details....

The "cheap" part is to the individual businessman. The "expensive" part is to we, the taxpayers who are supporting the illegals and their associated costs. Bush still supports this idiocy!

Time for a party to be formed to put the brakes on the two parties who wish only to cater to potential votes by illegals when they are "legitimized." This trend would quickly reverse itself and a wall would go up so fast as to make your head spin if enough of the voting public would actually care enough to vote against ANY politician who favors making illegals legal....and doing so while still allowing the open border.

While I find the idea abhorrent, some of the anti-illegals have actually expressed a wish that the flow of illegals would include at least one terrorist who exploded something, or caused some form of terrorist activity. That would really shake some voters up and they feel convert voters to the above platform.

That is too extreme for me, but that being said, I am sure eventually something similar will occur. Until then we will get only DUI-Illegals killing people, knifings, shootings, bankrupting of our educational and social services at the state and local level, and a few hundred assorted other problems.

So much for the CHEAP labor!

How's your pocket feel....? Mine feels PICKED!