Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too Much - Brits Home & Iran Unpunished!

There is already at least one report the Iranians got to talk with their folks we nabbed in Iraq in exchange for the release of the Brit swabbies.

My guess this little episode is over, but that Iran will use the same thing again when they need to deflect news from further UN slaps; abd/or, they want to impress the Arab world with what power they have as no one did anything more than throw their hands in the air and cry out... No real action militarily, and less than strong words issued.....the strongest being Tony Blair's wah-wah speech about if they didn't return the folks the Brits would "ratchet up the pressure!"

Yeah right! Who would have ever believed the British Navy/Marines would be so lousy and weak...let alone the Brits themselves?

Mr. Churchill has left the house!