Thursday, April 12, 2007

Duke Rape "Squad" - Imus Comments....Equal???

Not in this lifetime! But to see the national media's coverage of the two items you'd believe they are equal at least....perhaps Imus is more guilty than the Duke boys just on the basis of racial things.......The general rule has evolved to....(in the Antique Media)...Whites charged with a crime.....instant racial guilt...Since the "victim" was black......Imus, however, made a comment with racial tones and he is guilty, shipped off to purgatory, etc. Freedom of speech extends only to blacks and race-conspiracy idiots. Just check out my post below about the Imus item as Michelle Malkin covers it.....

Meanwhile Instapundit (A LAW Professor) puts it together best about the entire charade of old media coverage!

I am ashamed of my old profession.....I left it 30 plus years ago as I noted the movement toward PC & the issues of "writing the news" versus "delivering the news". The media today do not report....they spin the news to the liberal bias....and they are too stupid or too driven to admit their own bias.

A POX on the media for this....Screw their "elitist" views of they know best. That sounds a lot like the French who would "let them eat cake!"