Monday, April 16, 2007

Disconnect in Truth?

Quoting Charles Krauthammer: "By the day, the debate at home about Iraq becomes increasingly disconnected from the realities of the actual war on the ground. The Democrats in Congress are so consumed with negotiating among their factions the most clever linguistic device to legislatively ensure the failure of the administration’s current military strategy—while not appearing to do so—that they speak almost not at all about the first visible results of that strategy."

Such a truth cannot long be ignored by the public....even if the MSM (Antique Media) seem to know they can hide any and all good news from Iraq. Enough blogs unveil the truth and today the public reads blogs. The public knows more than the media reports.

Krauthammer's column is a good read.....Enjoy it HERE!

On the topic of disconnect between the public and the MSM.....a weekend MSNBC poll showed something MSNBC was not at all expecting. 73% of the public said they though Imus should NOT have been fired. After all while the rappers go through their "hos", "niggas", and violent treatment of women in each and every song, and Al Sharpton is allowed to sit in judgment after his own riot-inciting earlier tal, Imus is almost a lamb with a mouth out of gear.

But that is another topic.