Monday, April 16, 2007

May God Have Mercy On His Soul!

The gunman at Virginia Tech, home of the Hokies, whatever crazed and totally inhuman person he was as he committed this crime, should be prayed for as well as the many, many families who tonight will weep from the heinous crimes of this person. I weep with the families as I write this. It is unimaginable to me as my brood of grandkids approach college age that this could occur!

There is nothing to be learned from a "why".....we can study, and search the remaining possessions of the killer....we can attempt to analyze why....but we can never know for sure.

One item stands out in my mind....a phrase oft used, and I am sure despised by the Liberals who oppose the Constitutional right to possess and carry arms....

If Guns are outlawed.....only criminals will possess them!

The phrase holds much truth. There was a law and rules which prohibited students from carrying even LICENSED guns on this campus. A single "licensed and legal" gun carrying student could have ended this carnage at a few deaths. In fact, the fact that folks were licensed and allowed to carry would have possibly stopped this BEFORE it began through the awareness of this shooter that others were carrying!

Think about it. The licensed folk of this country, carrying weapons, account for few crimes involving their weapons.....I'll have to find the data, if available, about this.....but we all know for fact that only those who possess guns illegally commit crimes by a wide margin. We have seen it time, after time, after time. AND, even if he were licensed and permitted, this gunman still could have been stopped by another licensed individual. This gunman was at the least NOT following the law in this case by bringing the gun to campus.

When will the whining peaceniks finally, if ever, admit the truth....their mantra of peace will NOT work. Strength is the O-N-L-Y deterrent!

It is time for those who believe our Constitution to step forward and allow gun carrying on campus & in life daily. Then trained, focused, logical folk can defend themselves.