Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where's Our Next Drudge?

Now that Drudge has moved so far left as to be part of the KOS kids network, where lies our next actual newshound in the "original" Drudge mold?

I learned, early on in my somewhat limited blogging career, that each morning your 1st stop was the Drudge Report. There, if not in complete coverage, you found the nuggets to pursue to keep yourself educated about the current goings-on netwise!

Now, I look there, and find so much leftist garbage as to make the Drudge Report almost an irrelevant item for my use.

Some days i now go there not at all.

Where will be our next place for gathering the items we wish to pursue?

Real Clear Politics gave us some variety, at least....though much of it was quite predictable vis-a-vis the usual newspaper stuff.....excepting, of course, many of the RCP columns themselves. (Yes, I read with a Rightee-Libertarian viewpoint.)

Where IS the next Drudge?