Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Basic! - Talk Defeat, You Lose! Thanks Reid!

Come on gang, we can talk ourselves into losing this Iraq War....we just have to keep up the chant....you know...."Lose, USA.....Lose, USA!"

Thanks Harry Reid, you traitor.....Oh, and while you are about it, Harry....be sure that in order to continue your "lose-lose-lose" mantra you don't accept any GOOD news...you know, like from YOUR CHOSEN LEADER of the US military in Iraq! My God! He MIGHT say something positive, and knock out all our negative spin!

Just read John O'Sullivan on the topic!

No one E-V-E-R won a war by espousing defeat. No Congress has ever RUN a war! Why would we wish to let the 1st Congressionally-run war be led by Pelosi and Reid? ARE YOU CRAZY?

Let the military run the war....

Seems to me the Democrats....at least their leadership....are quite fearful that they will be unable to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.....

Talk about cart before the horse politics!