Sunday, April 22, 2007

Duchess - Surgery - 3rd Time is A Charm?

Tomorrow we are headed, for the 3rd time, to hospital for Duchess' shoulder rebuild surgery. The 1st time bombed when I managed to infect her with my round of respiratory crud.....2nd time we were in route home from Gatlinburg when a call informed us Medicare would not fund the operation at our chosen facility.

Now, two weeks later we are finally apparently go for launch tomorrow noonish....

Duchess is ready as she has lived in pain since mid-February with the damaged shoulder. For those who have not seen earlier posts, she fell in our motorhome in route to Ft. Lauderdale when I had to brake suddenly as she was walking forward. Her momentum sent her shoulder-first into the motor console. Rotator cuff torn, two tendons disconnected, and a muscle tear....OUCH!

She is quite ready to get the surgery and begin the rehab process so we can continue plans for a June/July trip to Oregon and Washington via Houston and returning through Illinois (both sites are home to kids/grandkids).

I may be blogging tomorrow and may not (depending upon available signal at our surgery facility.....

Pray for her...though this is not life-threatening surgery! She, by the way, been a a retired surgical nurse herself (heart transplants/openheart/etc.)... she is quite stoic in the face of pain....which lets me know just haw difficult this has been.

I'll be hous frau for the next couple of weeks; cooking, laundry, nurse-assistant, etc. I do not mind in the least for I shall be doing same for my Lady!