Friday, April 20, 2007

BULLETIN: We've (NOT) Lost The War!

Senator Harry Reid, defeatist, Democrat, & Liar.....has decided that he is the judge of who wins a war....

Many soldiers reply to this response: "I was upset by your comments concerning the war today. We've lost? By what measure? It seems as though we are measuring our losses through the terrorist's eyes and those of Al Quaida and not our own. As someone who knows many people actively involved in the war, I am not hearing about our loss. On the contrary, I hear of hospitals and schools being built, about capacity building, about smiles on children's faces, about how we are getting Bagdhad back since the surge started. Though we mourn the loss of every troop who has died, our losses don't even compare with ANY previous major war, especially when you consider the amount gained. Do you know how many Iraqi doctors have received training in Western medicine because of our presence? What about Iraqi engineers, economists? We CAN win this war, but only with your support. If we lose this war, and I mean IF, it will be the fault of those who have pre-declared our loss, and you seem to be their flag bearer. Remember, you can't say that you support the troops if you have declared them to be failures. I believe your comments were irresponsible at the very least - foolish at the most."

Michelle Malkin gathers similar letters and email to Senator (I surrender) Reid....
They are a great read!!!

Are we sure Reid isn't French????