Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wimps Are Not US!

Bush wimps out way too often.....Gonzalez has wimped out often. Reagan would not have in either case.

Gonzalez' response to the Dem taunt today should have been, "Look, the President has absolute control over appointments of U S Attorneys!" But then of course, Bush should have long-ago told the Dems....."Butt Out! It is my territory....just as it was Clintons when he fired all 93 of them!"

Why, oh why is Bush such a wimp? & Why is Gonzalez imitating his act?

I guess we know why the GOP base has meandered about and not been forceful in electing their Congress!

Sad, just sad.......Speak out about your convictions....they are NOT something to be carried in your hip pocket like a weapon. They only work when used!!!!