Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Gets Closer to Me!

I have mentioned from time to time a rather unusual group to which i belong....about 60 plus classmates from my high school, still in touch today from around the world.

This morning I heard from a Professor from my group. He's at Virginia Tech....His words on the incident in an email ring true.....

"I unknowingly drove by the dorm of the first shooting at 7:55am on my way to a Doctor's appointment. Everything looked normal at that time even though two people had already been killed. It is incomprehensible...sirens have been whining all day and even into the night tonight... Apparently, they will release names tomorrow. The sad fact is that it could have happened on any campus in this country..."

I expect to hear more from him in the coming days about the reactions, recovery, etc. I'll post those comments, but they will be anonymous!


UPDATE: The brother of the above writer, also an educator, wrote on the same topic in an email...."It truly is a sad situation, but consider that this appears to have been the work of a person who may have been mentally unstable. Think of how vulnerable we all are to an attack not only by such individuals but also by terrorists.
We have been going for 200 plus years generally not carrying firearms except primarily for the old west. It may be time to change just so that we may defend ourselves from such an unwarranted attack.