Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Grey Lady Down!"

No, I am not referring to the movie about a sunken submarine. I refer instead to the venerable New York Times as she slips into oblivion.

This week stockholders (in the minority due control of the entire board by Sulzberger) but still holding 42% interest, refused to vote in new board selection elections as a protest to the crashing stock, sliding circulation, and biased news of the Times.

The latest circulation figures coming out as i write will indicate the NYT is still slipping slowly away in circulation.

The Sulzbergers do not care. The NYT is not an investment to them...after all who would find management doing well when stocks have lost 48% of their value in two is a propaganda sheet they can, and do, blatantly aim at conservatives much like the weapons they wish to control!

They deserve whatever they get.