Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gas Prices - News Media's L - I - E !!!!

Let us look at the headlines.....TODAY!

MSNBC - "Consumer confidence crumbled in April"

ABC News - "Oil Prices Rise on Supply Worries"

CBS News - "Oil, Gas Rise On U.S. Inventory Report"

WOW! Such disastrous news......Everything is Gloom and Doom....despite the figures which indicate the stock market is growing by leaps and bounds....soon to top 13,000 and some predict a near-future 14,000 for the DOW.

Guess it must be the media need to stop anything POSITIVE!

Let us look at the gas prices in today's market....with a twist....how about compared back to pre-1980s, with a price adjustment????

Guess what folks.....

Gas is NO MORE expensive today....possibly less...than in the 1980s. The BLUE line tells the story...the costs today are actually less than, or equal to the 1980s!

So much for the media and their ever-alert coverage...in-depth...of the news!

THEY LIE folks....They WANT the news to be bad.....They NEVER print/air G-O-O-D news. It is bad for the cycle of GOP-President.....

The entire picture would change given a DEM president!

& We also must take into account the fact that the Main Stream Media (MSM-Read ANTIQUE MEDIA) will continue this forever....or until they become completely unimportant in the scope of things....something they move toward each year!