Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WH Obfuscates Then Wonders Why No One Follows!

We HALT ALL DRILLING!....Three times. Two times the courts intervened. So Obama & Company doubled-down. Now they send folks to Gulf states to sooth and calm. BUT, they do nothing to help.

Once again it is a war-of-words which the WH uses. Actions in each and every case are almost opposite the words. They sit and wonder why they find themselves losing voters, public opinion, and every sort of support.

Who is in charge in the WH? Obama?...I am betting NOT! He is listening to too many folks who have the "golden ticket" approach to dealing with the public. Wave the ticket in front of the gullible public and they will follow is the mene.

No one in the public is as smart as we are, so they will follow the pied piper. BS! This public is far advanced in the field of finding false prophets. They were not in November 2008. Much has transpired since then. ALL of it negative for the public/employed/employers/and all who are not BIG government or union oriented. And still the WH cannot read the public.

Maybe some experience by the leadership in actual, you know, BUSINESS/REALITY would help. Where can they get this? Well, outside their sphere. BUT, BUT, BUT...if we go outside then we lose our theme/message!

Stumble, fall, trip, lose. WH Politics are failing by the numbers to a degree which far exceeds the Carter fiasco! And, they in the cocoon of the WH are not seeing any of this.

GOOD!.....Welcome the new post-November era!

I will!

My major concern now? Keeping the lame-duck DEMs from enacting legislation from Nov to January with which we will have to live post-this congress!


Friday, July 23, 2010

I Just Don't Understand!


The U.S. has laws about folks who enter the country illegally.

They DO NOT enforce those laws, and in fact, encourage local areas to ignore them also, vis-a-vis the allowance of "safe havens".

One state passes a law which COPIES the US laws, and seeks to enforce that which the US will not, despite their laws.

The US files suit to halt the state from enforcing "THE US's OWN LAWS".....based upon some trumped up charge of usurpation of federal law!

WHY-O-WHY cannot the Obamaites see the folly of this line of reasoning?

Cause they want to be in charge, and to choose which laws they will enforce. They are after ALL the rights of the states. They wish to control all...despite the intent of the constitution.

Cannot our population see this? YES, many do.....but 43% still support this idiot who would be GOD!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Criteria for Closing Auto Dealerships: Rural, non-minority, male owned!

OK, that is a generalization!...BUT, true.

At American Thinker, the true story is explained.

Chicago politics in a national setting. Remember folks, this is ALL PrezBO knows. He has never done anything else.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Derek Thompson - "The Scariest Unemployment Graph I've Ever Seen!"

"The median duration of unemployment is higher today than any time in the last 50 years. That's an understatement. It is more than twice as high today than any time in the last 50 years.

OK, you're saying, but what does this mean? Does it mean we must increase the duration of unemployment benefits to protect this new class of unemployed, or does it mean we need to stop subsidizing joblessness? Does it mean we need to expand federal retraining programs, or does it mean federal retraining programs aren't working? Does it mean we need more stimulus, more state aid, more infrastructure projects, more public works ... or does it mean it's time to stop everything, stand back and let business be business?

You're going to find smart people make a case for all six of the above public policy directions. (I tend to side with the first of each coupling.) It's hard to know for sure how to design public policy for historically unique crises precisely because they are historical orphans, without precedent to show us the right way from the wrong.

One of my first reactions to this graph was: Surely this is why we don't have to worry about inflation for a very, very long time. However, here's evidence that despite the historically inverse relationship between inflation and joblessness, "the long-term unemployed put less downward pressure on inflation." Ultimately, this is a graph that should humble policy makers more than it should scare them into confidently arguing they know exactly how to fix it."

The game of the old media continues as they spout rhetoric and positions they have offered from the beginning of the Obama era. Their stories follow the pattern established earlier....one which strangely seems to indicate the media were all reading from the (journolist?) same page!

Transparency is a marvelous thing. However, only those whose eyes are open will see it. One busy chanting the Obamanama mantra is likely to have their eyes closed tightly for full concentration!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Rock Overturned?

WAPO has ignored the Black Panther fiasco like the plague!


Pretty bad when your own public representative is opposed to you. Not that this rant will change anything. The ombudsman missed one crucial point....when the WAPO did do a story it was from the view point of how the conservatives are pushing a story, not a true story on the controversy itself.

Expect nothing to change & you will not be disappointed!


Monday, July 12, 2010

DOJ Head, Holder.....Man for All Obama Seasons!

But let not the law get in the way.......

Michelle Malkin gets it right.....every time!

Holder's regime is an Obama shadow. THEY...both of them...wish us to fall under the sword of Liberal/Socialist control....

Facts matter not....laws matter not....Nothing but the Socialist agenda matters!


SO....Explain It To Me Lucy!

I normally do not just refer to a site, but you have to read all the stuff here about Obama's ruination of our country!!!!

Well, that is if you are a sentient being!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Would Some Rational Human (American) Explain This To Me With Justification????


My own efforts fall way short of explanation.....But, then PrezBO IS in the WH!

I think I am going to be S-I-C-K!!!!


W-T-F?????? Are Holder/Obama a Duo of Idiocy????

OMG! I cannot believe that Obama/Holder (Do you think the tail wags the dog?) can consider this!

Other states are noticing!CHALLENGING!!! As are DEM Governors!!!!

I believe I may be sick....until NOVEMBER when I shall get well! REALLY.....Does A-N-Y rational American Citizen believe we must now create lawsuits to halt the "Possibility" that a law enforcement officer "Might" be racist in his efforts to enforce a law????

As I see it, this means that any law enforcement officer must ignore any possibility that there might be a violation of the law if his decision involves looking at someone for what they appear to be.....

Hello Idiocy!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010



Justice Kennedy decides he needs to be in office until 2013!!!!

Kinda gives thought to W-H-Y.....


Har Har.....but really!!!!



Supposedly snapped today at the cape following new directive from President Obama to NASA Director.

Subtle, this President.....very, very subtle!

For God's (Allah's) sake!

Is there no end to it?


UPDATE: Thanks Michelle Malkin for the demo of my graphic HERE!!!!!....I still find it impossible the blithering idiot of a President actually proposed such a thing. He has NO EQUAL in the hubris department.....EGO in full-run-a-muck mode!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Did-ja ever Wonder If The Doc Got A Tip????


Liberal/progressive idiots once more taken to the cleaners by terrorists as they try for the nth time the "Why can't we all just get along" melody on a rinky-tink piano!

IDIOTS! & More importantly, they never, ever learn the lesson.....


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Openness, Honesty, Transparency....take on a whole new meaning!

DEMs: "If we sez it's a budget, then it's a budget!"

We don need no stinkin budget.......Besides if we actually have a budget, then we'd have to stick to it. This way we can be much more creative....then later we'll be transparent and all that other stuff.....

If the public does not utilize Nov for a house-cleaning and senate-laxative, then they are just too stupid to go on as a great nation....but then they'd not have to for much longer. 3rd world power-here we come!


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy 4th of July.....Celebrate Our Nation....Display your flag!!!

U.S.A. - # One!
Join me this weekend in saluting our great country...fly your flag!