Friday, April 29, 2005

We have an honest investigation....honestly!!!

Paul Volker, the head of the alledged "independent" investigation in to the "Oil for Food" program in Iraq......He has now been found to harbor a near-fatal disease....

Let me see, we are "Independent" investigators....

HOWEVER....Our Investigators....even former ones....are granted "diplomatic immunity" from their "status as investigators".....

WHAT A STRETCH! Volker you are looking more and more like a pawn of the ever-changing-ever-alert Kofi! Go you Annan person!

The tales told make many see the facts of what the alledged investigation is really all about....a coverup.....

Check this FOX News story to see what the media (at least those not NAILED to Liberal causes) have said.

Volker is in trouble, and he knows it.....This play will NOT carry thru. Our legislators, bless their slanted, opinionated souls, will deal with this as an idiocy beyond they should!

Duke of DeLand

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Lost Father! - WWII Vet

I am saddened this evening as I read of Michael Schaefer at "Citizen Blogger" who today lost his father, a WWII Vet, as was my father.

His loss reminded me of my own father and my loss at his death many years ago. Losing a father is no picnic any time, but losing one who suffered the many things these WWII vets carried with them to death is even more trying!

My own father, a 3 time purple heart winner, would never talk of his serious involvement; only of some of the funny times in Italy, France, etc.

He carried many heavy things to his grave, and the times dictate we stop and salute such as Michael's father. These folks, more than today or any other time since perhaps the original revolution for independance, gave of themselves by the hundreds of thousands so we could have our USA of today.

A Salute to your Father, Michael. I shed a tear with you!

Duke of DeLand

Iraqis Give US an A+

Why is it the bloggers of the US are not following the same Iraqi bloggers they earlier could not list often enough?

The stories to refute any Liberal or other challenge to our still being there is answered if only we read the blogs from those who are LIVING IT!

Such as our wonderful communicator; Iraq The Model.....

Please read the entire thing. It is marvelous in telling what is felt by the people! Some of the quotes are priceless, however, I hesitate to pull any as he speaks so very, very nicely of the situation now versus before, under Saddam!

His references to others are also valid, but don't waste your time reading the stories which originated his statements....they are drivel, and fact-challenged.

We need to keep these folks front and center in the blog world to insure we tell the story the MSM will never let out!

Duke of DeLand

InstaPundit Hits my "Hardware" Nerve!

Glenn over at Instapundit has a neat little comment on hardware stores today here, complete with at least one update. I'll bet this one generates LOTS of replies!

For my part, I spend about 90% of my hardware store time in the local Ace, just about five blocks away and quite a small place. They have lots of help, all knowledgable, and all equipt with the little headsets to communicate. I find most stuff there and find it fast!

However, My 2nd choice is a new sort of Super Home Depot just built about a mile from my place. There they have a huge garden area, not available at my Ace, plus while looking for carpet, tile, cabinets, etc. I find what I want and seem to have decent help, though not as good as Ace.

My local Lowe's is just not staffed properly. It is older, and thus not as well-stocked either.

I have a friend who works for Lowe's in another town and his theory is....Shop any of them as long as it is a newer store! The top managers, who build the best staff and give the best customer service are always named to the big new places! Ace is the exception as they are locally owned!

Makes sense to me.


It's a definite yeah, no, maybe!

We have all read with interest the war chant of the Demos re: judicial nominees. I am really amazed that the GOP, for whatever reason, has not beaten the drums long and loud on the issue of the Senate filibuster.

Now, a perfect example of the two-faced liberal mantra on filibuster from Powerline.

The arguement fits the time...not the facts.


Monday, April 25, 2005

I am shocked, and afraid!


Well the news notes that Frist and Reid are talking, and may try to resolve the issues....


The idea of ANY compromise is ludicrous!

The Dems have stood tall, and the GOP snuck along like losers....DESPITE their majority.

What the HELL is wrong here?

They are trying to compromise?????? BULLSHIT!

The Dems are in the minority, and if we end up working with them to solve this, we deserve the loses we will have in 2006!

I am amazed that we are seeing the GOP melt-down!

I am equally positive the idea of the GOP is needing to be replaced by a party that works.....Where are the SANE Libertarians!


Sunday, April 24, 2005

What a Week(end)!

Sorry folks, little posting for several days.

I could bore you with the details, but will eliminate the "job-related" stress, and simply say life is a bit upset now......for this week any way.

Daughter in Houston, recovering from fall down her stairs, and the steel pin in her leg to hold the bone straight, is now in possession of my Dutchess who flew out from Tampa Saturday morning. She will be there for a week....

Her job is not care and feeding of daughter, but of grandkids aged 4 and 19 months!

We are people who like being together; hate being apart, but family calls! PLUS, daughter in N. Illinois is due any day with our #9 grandchild!

Hectic times. Today I have only local Grandchild, an 8 year old boy, with me. We are having fine times. Later, I have to dart off to Elks Lodge where we are expecting 40 visitors from Connecticut who have just returned from a cruise out of the Port of Tampa. I am ranking officer today ad others are out-of-town. We'll need snacks, and some attention to our guests. (I am a Trustee of the Lodge!)

More later folks!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'll write the commercial.......

The arguments favor Capt. Ed....far as Duke can tell....Check his words here!

Seriously, I'll write the commercial....even record it if you like (I was a broadcast journalist for 8 years!). Just give me some numbers to fill in the blanks, and find a funding source, and the s-l-o-w m-o-v-i-n-g GOP leadership will have in short order all the public support they need!

Let me about something like this......

"American voters want to know....

How many judicial nominees by a President of the United States have been filibustered in the past 105 years?


How many times have judicial nominees by President George W. Bush been sent back because the Democrats promised filibuster if the attempt was made to vote on them?


Which Democratic Senator(s?) spoke out during Bill Clinton's Presidency and demanded that his judicial nominees be given a simple up-or-down vote?

(fill in the names)

Now let me see? Which party is undermining the nation's history by the current Democratic party attempt to halt the President's nominees?


Good patriotic background music, plus a simple scene of some 50-65 year old dressed in a hat, open shirt, etc standing in a park.....he walks away as the music comes up at the end......

ANNOUNCER: "Let Your Senator know you want the tradition to these people up-or-down. It IS Tradition!"

Duke Speaketh (&YES, I'd even do the damn thing if the camera could survive it!)

Time for some REAL pro-active effort by a dithering GOP!

Duke of DeLand

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

An Interim Pope ?

Now that Benedict XVI has been selected by the College of Cardinals, the usual MSM explorations "why" and "what does it mean" run rampant across the airwaves.

As a non-Catholic, just looking at some things which seem to me apparent, I have a thought or two on the subject.....

1st - Ratzinger (is it now not proper to call him by that name?) is a true hardliner, and even rumored to be more conservative....perhaps almost dictatorially so according to some rumors from Rome....than John Paul, II.

2nd - Pope Benedict XVI is also quite elderly to assume the mantle...he is in his 78th year....just 6 years younger than was John Paul, II upon his death.

3rd - A church coming off the reign of the most-seen, possibly one of the most-popular Popes ever (at least in modern times when media matters) does not wish to seem suddenly to be veering at sharp angles away from his positions.

So.....Is it just possible that the new Pope is an "interim" Pope? One who will be outspoken, less charismatic than JP2, and thus less popular by his position...and likely to be a short-termer due his age?

If he manages to alienate many by his strong words and actions of conservatism, then his successor could easily be a popular choice to be much more liberal, and perhaps younger? Thus would hopefully ensure (by the thoughts behind the scenes of the College of Cardinals) a long-term liberal Pope to drag the church forward into modern times....with the blessing of the Catholic Church members worldwide.

Just speculation!

Monday, April 18, 2005

MSM; Need a new Iraq Reporter?

After the currently developing story about an MSM "local" reporter with explosives residue on his hands, perhaps the MSM should rethink their hiring policies!

I have a suggestion.......Omar at Iraq The Model, who has a great ability to put things quite clearly....and he is all over the current embroglio over "kidnapped" Shiites.

However, I found one sterling piece in Omar's recent post (Saturday) which really strikes a chord as he throws in an Iraqi answer to the MSM's constant harangue about religious factions being divided and warring against one another.....

Omar says it will never happen.....

I'm sure that some "experts" will celebrate this incident and consider it a spark that will ignite the civil war fire they have been hallucinating about.
What such "experts" always fail to notice is that the conflict in Iraq is taking place between the people, the government and the coalition on one side and the extremists and remaining Ba'athists on the other side. It is NOT a people vs. people conflict; it never had and it will never be like that.

I really don't blame people who live outside Iraq for believing the "experts"; they didn't live here and they depend on the news to build their opinions.
But I live in Iraq and seen almost every city in it, so I know how thinks work and I know what the people think.
This time, the pathetic terrorists are trying to make it look like a sectarian conflict; it is NOT.

I wonder if that would be clear enough for the MSM?

Of course not, as they will never put out such a story.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Cardinals Will Meet & Choose!

I, for one, am convinced the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will choose a conservative for their next Pope.

The church's Cardinals have been defined, diagnosed, and determined by the MSM.... they all seem to think the Cardinals will go far afield and select a new prelate who will be from Africa, or some other place.

For my money, (and what does a Presbyterian Deacon know of Catholic things?), I am sure the Cardinals will stick close to home.....after all they were "venturesome" when they selected a Polish priest to be Pope.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church NEVER goes far afield. Look for an Italian, or Spanish Cardinal to my money.


What the Hell is the GOP Thinking?

I am sitting here watching the GOP Senate leadership dribble away the finest opportunity to enact what the VOTERS told them to do in November.


Capt. Ed over at Captain's Quarters has a quite nicely put message....combination I asked in the title of this piece.

The facts are out there in the glare of media coverage. The GOP is standing watching the parade go by while smiling and making no attempt to join in. Their judicial nominees are beginning to bail out as they smell the know the ones with MSM thorns, and all the while being asked to not answer question, but allow the GOP to carry the ball for them. Unfortunately the GOP has fumbled this ball so badly that the cast for 2006 elections is being placed as we watch. I fear for the predicted continued advances as the folks who told the GOP what to do in November begin to realize they are not really a part of this scene.

Ignoring your mandate will get you a is called defection! It is underway and something I have been feeling for some time.

What the Hell is the GOP Thinking? And, could they share some of their thoughts with those of us who worked long and hard on their cause in 2004?

Nuff said!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Seals, do You see any Seals?.....

I am constantly amazed by the veritable deluge of LIES in news these days....the stories which are contrived, written well ahead of the actual event, and sometimes published!

Seals, the annual it real, does it go as we are told?

Check out the story at Vodka Pundit.....and if that is not enough for you then follow more of the LIES of the media, as presented by Michelle (My gal....don't I wish!). She gives lots of reference to the media lies, misrepresentations, etc.

I, as a former newsman, find the current state of lying and story misleads to be VILE!

It makes me almost ashamed to say I was a Newsman......just because it is becoming such a lowdown profession......

BUT there are the love of life, my life to love.....
GO Guys and Gals!......publish your "stuff" and let us keep the rest of the world aware that there are "cogniscenti" among the pages of webdom!


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Guardpost, I don't see no stinking Guardpost!

The Italian "cause celebre" of the Communist party has issued a diatribe trying to hang the US guards who fired upon her car as she was being whisked away from her captivity after the Italians paid MILLIONS for her release!

BUT, the US report is quite Capt. Ed reports here.

This is a chance for 60 Minutes Wednesday to redeem themselves by exposing the actual report of the military. Will they????

Har, har, har.....

Not in this lifetime!

Their story stands as fact, despite the facts of the US!

Communist reporters are always more valuable than the US coverage of events....

My God, this is so CBS!


China's Achiles Heel?

Chinese citizen unrest may be a major problem for the rapidly developing giant. A Number of stories are circulating, including this by Instapundit, and several other stories from media around the world.....Including Ian Porter at The Age, who has a look at the unrest from an economic/social viewpoint. Jeremy Page, at ISN Security Watch, spoke in March of welfare and infrastructure projects in China aimed at quelling unrest in the run up to major leadership changes.

Whatever the full story is, and that is not likely to be available because of control the Chinese exert over their media, it appears the growth of unrest is going to begin to preoccupy the Chinese to a level that may slow some of their ambitions toward growth and a "retaking" of Taiwan.

We can hope so in the name of maintaining peace in that area. I do not relish the thought of an attempted taking by force of Taiwan which would likely suck in the US & Japan, at a minimum. Results would not be pretty.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Enron is Small Potatoes! - Fannie Mae has it All!

The world, plus all of America, was aware of the ENRON scandal.......what a horrific loss!

Nearly 600 Million dollars!

But wait, the Fannie Mae (government suported) finance group for home loans is apparently responsible for MORE THAN 30 BILLION dollars in errors.....

That is MANY multiples of the Enron scandal.....and the major media (read MSM) seem to ignore this story.......

Check Here for the story!

The details will come, and somehow it will be carried back to some other cause, but WE, the taxpayers, lose.....and Enron is a minor ploy according to the story!


MSM has no candle to Zarqawi....

Has anyone else noticed the trend in pronouncements from the Zarqawi-led terrorists in Iraq?

They have never been shy about their following of an event with grandiose statements about their "achievement". However, in the face of massive defeats lately, and not a lot to report positive....the terrorists seem to be gravitating toward publicizing their own catastrophic losses as victories!

Now, they attack the military prison en-masse, and they lose all but their few who escaped, and inflict pathetically-few casualties (WOUNDS ONLY) upon the US forces, and they claim responsibility.

Today, they are killed by apparently dozens in Qaim, near the Lebanese border, and no casulaties, nor wounded by the US troops, and again they trumpet the fact they attacked on their web sites.

Is it just me, or are the terrorists followers of Zarqawi exposing their lack of capability by shouting out loud about their losses?

I believe the MSM is missing a major opportunity here, but then what could one expect from the liberal-driven icons of news!


Monday, April 11, 2005

Sorry for the S-L-O-W weekend of blogging!

Daughter in Houston fell down stairs from 2nd to 1st floor, broke both bones in leg above the ankle and has had surgery to place steel pin in leg bone.

The couple have kids 18 months and 4,

Hubby (an FAA guy) is home for a couple of weeks, then the Dutchess is off for merry old Texas to take a week of grandkids and helping.

Kind of stopped us for a while.

Most amazing thing?

In hospital one day, surgery the next, home the following. The way of all things in today's medicine. Unfortunately that leaves all rehab after hospital departure. She will be 6-8 weeks off the leg.....

However, as compared to an earlier age, she should have no limp nor evidence of the injury other than her steel pin!

Bless the Gods!


MSM Boops it over Royals Wedding!

Now the numbers come out.......

The Royal couple; Charlie and his consort; were married over the weekend. The MSM was all atwitter and covered the events from Charlie's shave to Camilla's! (ER!!!)

Now the ratings for the weekend come in; NOT Jolly Old England!

The Royals LOST!

Check it out on FOX Online Here.

Just too funny for words.......

But you watch every day of the honeymoon in Scotland will be covered by the MSM as if we all lived to see and hear it.

Must not be any bad news in Iraq!



Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mad Mel Strikes Again!

There he is, our illustrious three-month Senator Mel Martinez, smack dab in the middle of another controversy.

Now it is clear that from his office came the infamous "Schiavo talking points" memo. Instantly a senior staffer fell on his sword and admitted authorship.

Kiddies, this one ain't over yet!

Michelle Malkin sets the stage well right here.

As one who reads my blog knows, I am no fan of our Senator. He is the only GOP senatorial candidate in lots of years to NOT get my vote.

In his campaign for the GOP nomination he laid some flagrant foul memoes, etc. against his worthy opponent, just before the primary and sqeaked thru....Later he said something akin to "oh well" when questioned about his tactics against a fellow Republican.

He did more of the same against the Demo candidate.

When the Schiavo/President/Congress fiasco was underway he suddenly transformed into a sensitive, caring, emotional being. I don't buy it!

There will be more to this, and perhaps Senator Martinez will taste some payback.

One can hope.


UPDATE: Editorials appear with thoughts as I expressed this one by the St. Pete Times and this one by the Tampa Tribune. Mr. Martinez is indeed becoming well known among Florida voters. So well known he seems, at three months in office, to be headed for 1 lone term!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A 30 Day Campaign? - Don't Believe So!

Dick Meyer has originated an idea that we try the 30 day election gambit used in England for our next Presidential Election....Read it here!

I am sure on 1st look the idea sounds great. After all, avoiding more than a year of yelling, shouting, lying, etc. would be really nice on the eyes and ears. However, given the Rathergate incident and numerous others, it seems to me that such a limited timeline would actually offer much more to those who would perpetuate such myths as the fraudulent memoes....and to do so so close to the election as not to allow rebuttals nor explorations for truth to occur.

I believe we are and should be stuck with a more lengthy campaign which, after all, allows us to explore all the lies, misstatements, least we hope so!


Saturday, April 02, 2005

The deceit continues.....Media Meddles!

The story of Terri Schiavo deserves a quiet death of its own!

However, that shall not occur....the MSM will insure that.

There is much to yet be discussed about the case, and much to be learned for the discussion of future dealings. (Capt. Ed and I have agreed to disagree on the topic, and to offer much discussion in the future).

However, the MSM's display of complete ignorance....often bring viperous reactions from some....seems to me to be quite unfair.

Today on FOX online they are trumpeting the fact of Terri's parents barred from her final moments. The fact is, as stated by sources close to the events.....The parents were with Terri. They were asked to leave when it became apparent she was slipping away, and staff needed to perform some end-of-life functions. After the functions (I don't know what they were) were performed, Terri was allowed to slip away while in the arms of Michael. Yes, he was there, and I certainly hope when I pass, if I do so before my bride, it is in her arms.....

The terrible price of the struggle between Terri's parents and Michael is a vile discourse making both look less than human, in my opinion.

The facts, when exercised in the light of day speak to different things.

The now much-pronounced plans for her burial, following cremation, are being again distorted. The stories are, why deny her visits from her parents by burying/interring her remains in Pennsylvania?

Well, maybe the fact her husband's family has a burial plot there, and he wishes her to be where he will be could be a mitigating factor. Her burial is not for the convenience of a visit by any particular people. Why is it bad to be placed in her husband's family plot?

It is certainly not as if she was being taken to a remote site by this man.

He is hiding the place for purposes of avoiding the obvious problems of al.

Open minds can look at this from a different level.


Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope is Dying; Long Live the Pope!

I have followed with some interest the stories of Pope John Paul.

The unusual part, might be that I am Presbyterian!

In fact, I am an ordained Deacon in the Presbyterian Church.....have been, in fact, since I was just over 21 years of age. That, my friends, is more than 40 years ago!

The sliding off this "mortal coil" by the Pope reminds me of my younger years when, in black and white TV, one of my favorite shows was the marvelous Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Here was a man who could communicate God and religion to ye Catholic or Protestant! His stories; his asides; and, most of all his incredible ability to weave a fabric of religion kept me entranced for years.

As a young Deacon of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Mt. Vernon, IL....I taught a Sunday School class of college kids. A challenge for someone of my age then....

We visited Jewish synagogue; Greek Orthodox; and several other Churches to study the religions available to us in Mt. Vernon (then a thriving city of 15,000).

The resultant report from our students was that ALL religions seemed to find common ground......commandments; rules which were amazingly similar; etc.

My life-message from this which has stayed with me through the 40 years....We are all cut of the same cloth. The methods vary....the end-result and the position of us as religious people is ONE!

Thus believes the Duke!

God Bless the Pope, and particularly his wonderful impact upon the former Soviet Union!


U.N. - What to do.....

Instapundit is referring to an Austin Bay comment on the UN, and ends his bit here with a nice observation which bares the probability that such a move would be effective.

I have only one reservation.

For one, I am all-eyes and ears for the action/reaction when Mr. Bolton is confirmed and goes to the UN. I have a feeling Mr. Bush has a plan or two.

For my money I vote we let Bolton have a shot & then if nothing of material difference occurs.....i.e. reformation of the UN and its operations/officials and responsible auditing.....I say we begin the $ holdout!

Something must be done.....We are being the fools for the sad states and dictators of the world in this situation, and it would be very unlike Bush to allow that to continue.

Watch and listen, kiddies!