Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Environmental Havoc Caused by Bush!

Say it ain't so......and OF course we can....

Check this.....

There are so many terrorists....and many of them are liberal "LIARS" who seek to disseminate any information they find available to shout their it fact or fiction, (and it is fiction)....

How many people believe them?.....Few judging by the stories we see....BUT they still deliver the choices of BAD to WORSE as their news items....facts be damned!

How completely idiotic!

Monday, August 29, 2005 NO, Clinton Lied, and 1,000s Died!!!!

Read it is true, and it is another of the marvelous mysteries of the MSM and their "non-bias" (according to them) that David Corn exposes in a fine essay for your edification!

Let me see, just why is it a non-story??????why WAS it a non-story..... Corn explains, it will offer a fine opportunity for Hillary to explain her involvement as the co-owner of the phrase...."We ARE the President!"

Bet she can find nineteen dodges, fourteen avoidances, and sixteen MSM "excuse me's" to keep this away from the campaign.

I look forward to the MANY guns that can/will be brought to focus upon this woman and her villainous past!


All The News "Printed to Fit!"

Chris Muir with another homerun on his Day By Day Cartoon site.

This guy continues to amaze with his to-the-point creative mind! (& Conservative Too!!!)

Check him out daily.....he's my 1st stop each morning, as well as that of Lil Duke!


Saturday, August 27, 2005

+HOAX+!!!! Some MSM (Minor Stream Media) Lie!

Check this story from the news of one of my home-state collegiate newsletters....

It makes one wonder!!!! A LOT!

The small SIU campus I remember from the early 60s was far from the sprawling new campus of today.

How is it the collegiate newspaper did not substantiate the stories? Guess they may be, like their MSM counterparts, addicted to whatever is "anti-Bush"....

Sorry to see this....I still have a fond rememberance of my limited time involved with SIU!

Time marches on and the results are NOT always positive!

But...."GO SALUKIS" is still appropriate!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Iraqi "Carnival of Achievements!"

Today there must be more than 100 "Carnival" locations with weekly updates and information by subject....

How about one that offers a nice bit of news...factually presented...that gives us the story of progress in Iraq never seemingly offered by the MSM?

I followed a link from PowerLine and ended up hitting a report which originates right here in Tampa. This one is a newsletter published, online, by CentCom (Central Command) based at MacDill AFB.

The stories, reports, etc. will make you feel good! Guaranteed!

I am so impressed that I shall pass along a link each week when a new "Carnival of Achievements" is posted.

Enjoy this week's post here.

How very nice to see the positive side of things!


Positive News Flows About Iraq?

I almost fell over!

I opened Real Clear Politics, a web site of collected news/op-ed pieces from around the country (& world) and found the top two articles are giving Iraq a positive spin!

If you are not checking this site daily, you are missing some iportant reading....and, no it is not a conservative site. It offers meat from tables to the left and right and the middle as well.

Though-provoking to help you stay in touch!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Other Moms Continue to Speak Out!

Not every mom who has lost a son (not father who has lost a son) is in the Sheehan camp. The reports continue....

Scott at Power Line details many from Minnesota!

While not all are pro-Iraq War, nor even pro-Bush.....they seem to feel Cindy is out-of-bounds for the most part.

This coming week will see the "Cindy Doesn't Speak for Me!" tour coming to Crawford. It will be really neat to see the "massive" MSM know, like they did for Cindy!



Saturday, August 20, 2005

Adopt A Box O'Docs! - Box 4

No, this is not a strange post.......

Update: Thanks to Radio Blogger & Hugh Hewitt for their efforts getting bloggers involved in the search through the Roberts records.....Nice new touch for all of us, as I said below....& Feel free to check out the rest of what you see here.
Duke & Lil Duke

Over at Radio Blogger this post as John Roberts' papers are divided into boxes, and the bloggers unite to review them.

I found it so unique I volunteered...

Simple thing to do, and quick response assigning me a part of Box 4!

That is right here.

End result......Not much there! I will, however make some observations after I add RadioBlogger's later posts regarding the blogger response to this effort to be found here.

Just another example of the blogosphere moving into new waters....showing muscle with such niceties as "analysis"....previously an MSM forte, now being offered by this unique new media....and doing so in an open forum where those who miss something or simply mis-state something will be revealed in short order.

Now for Box 4 (my portion)

16 others have found already, most are not revealing of anything. There is a cover page, then several pages regarding appointments....not to high level positions, but to such august bodies as "Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severly Handicapped", "The Advisory Committee to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation", and a couple of others equally innocuous. The memoes are for the most part from Mr. Roberts and on White House stationary. Brevity seems a talent he possesses.

Another multi-pager is a memo from Roberts to David L. Chew, Staff Secretary, setting out recommendation for 20 individuals to National Medal of Science. Each person described in a single paragraph.

The only political mention I found was a mundane description of two gentlemen being reappointed to the above mentioned Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Each was described by his background and experience in such a post, and then they were described; one each; as a Democrat, and a Republican.

Nothing in this box to cause rumbles among the MSM or anyone esle as far as I could tell!

Interesting stuff, and probably quite descriptive of the kind of papers one would expect to find, for the most part, buried in 32 boxes of old documents by any person in such a position.


Air Scamerica - A Show to watch!

Yep! The message is finally getting through. Air America, the dastardly liberal scheme to present the non-message of the screaming left (Al Franken's rants) in DEEP Doo Doo!

However, you need to follow the blogosphere to know this! The MSM is not only out-to-lunch, but also under a rock hiding!

However, wonderfully talented reporters Brian and Michelle have the story in spades! They cover it and explain it. The Grey Lady and The WaPo are hiding in denial with more excuses than (can I use this ancient phrase?) Carter has Pills!

In addition, Captain Ed at CQ adds onto the growing snowball of information which should devastate the ham-handed Liberal broadcast network!

Just do, as Capt. sez and pull up a chair....get a bowl of popcorn and watch. This could be more fun than any MSM thing I've seen in YEARS!


Peace at Last, Peace at Last!

Finally, Israel is pulling out of the Gaza Strip. After years of living a horrible existence, being kept down by the Jewish population of that area, the Palestinians are going to be free. Watch for that area of the world to take off economically, spiritually and emotionally. The Gaza Strip is now to become the new Mecca as Islamist from around the world get to experience the glorious rebirth of....

Make me gag!

I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.

But I am looking forward to who or what the Palestinians will blame when they find their lives haven’t changed one bit by getting the Jewish people out of Gaza.

Lets take a non-PC look at what their problems really are.

We all know that since they practice the world’s most peace loving religion, that wouldn’t be the problem. After all, a religion that keeps the female half of it’s population under the thumb of the male half is definitely utilizing the best that society has to offer. Don’t forget that fact that they value their hatred of Jews more than they value the lives of their own children. I am having trouble thinking of another religion, let alone such a peace loving one, that celebrates their young blowing up.

Another reason for their continued desperate existence would never be their former "leader" Yasser Arafat (Pronounced Yes-sir I’m A’ Rat) That animal stole millions of dollars meant for building up the infrastructure for the Palestinian people. He kept most for himself and I’m sure gave much to homicide bombers’ families. He is an embarrassment to the rest of the world, yet he is still a hero to his people. Sort of like Ted Kennedy to the people of Massachusetts.

Last, but not least, the underlying hatred these people feel toward Jews is not going to go away. I am quite sure that the war will continue. To thank Israel for giving up the Gaza strip, Hammas will send some young and stupid Palestinian to blow himself up around innocent civilians. The Israeli Government will respond and the UN will condemn the Israelis for that response. Same cycle, different day.

Here’s a scenario for you. ( I wish I could claim this, but I read it somewhere and I can’t remember where) Given their own state, Palestinians proceed to keep bombing and killings Israelis. Since these attacks are now coming from a sovereign state, Israel "invades" and completely takes over Palestine. Now, expel the Palestinians and send them to other Arab countries and let them deal with the trouble makers. Then warn other states that the same will happen to them if they harbor terrorists. "With us or against us" (we would then have to hope Israelis don’t have democrats in their country)

I can dream...

Little Duke

UPDATE: (by Duke) OOPS! No sooner did I get this post from Lil Duke up, but Hamas speaks out and verifies his observations! These guys know no bounds and know only the terms "Kill, bomb, maim, shoot". How very sad that the Israeli people will go through the trauma of this withdrawl only to find they have not just lost ground, but also lost face as these moronic Islamofascists believe they have won a major battle...the 1st in the "war" they see ahead!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bodies! - Real Bodies.....on Display!

The Tampa, Florida MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) has opened a display today of real bodies......they are flesh and bones and musculature, and organs. The bodies are posed to show how the body works. Check out their site:

The uproar has been astounding in Tampa Town as people have petitioned the state to keep the exhibit closed. MOSI insists it is all legal.

Not so, sez the Florida Anatomical Board (Who knew such a board even existed!). They voted unanimously yesterday to close the show.

Unfortunately the anatomical board has apparently no teeth (pun intended).....They called on the state to enforce their vote, but have so far been rebuked!

The claim is the show does not have the permission from the "bodies" to actually be displayed in public. MOSI, however, claims the bodies are from Japan where they were donated by a medical school for purposes of the exhibit.

Not just sure yet how this farce will play out.....but I have lots of questions... such as,

How did they preserve the bodies with exposed muscle, organs, etc.?
How did they pose them.....some stand up, some lay down with raised legs, etc.?

How refreshing to find Cindy Shaheen relegated to lesser status by this gem of journalistic wonder!

(snicker here)


Monday, August 15, 2005

Why No Moms in Support of Bush? - There Are!

You'll not hear about them in the MSM; and, additionally many support quietly....

Chrenkoff tells the story as only he can....Read it!

Funny how Sheehan is the center of the story to the MSM.

Maybe the "Fair and Balanced" folk will cover this......probably not one other outlet of the "Old Guard" will.


Arise Illini! - Go Seminoles! - Etc!!!

The brouhaha created by an apparent "executive decision" from the NCAA Board of completed sans input from the very member schools they profess to a joke. Unfortunately it is a joke with teeth, and onw likely to cause a furor the likes of which the NCAA has never experienced.

The President of the University of North Dakota has MOST eloquently addressed the unilateral pronouncement and its lack of substance in a letter to the NCAA asking for an appeal form.......

You need to read every wonderful word!

Then we all need to find ways to harass the NCAA until they retract and approach this in the more-logical fashion suggested in the letter.

If not, then it is time for a "null and void" from the member colleges and universities while they form a new institution which actually does as the NCAA professes, and works FOR them!


Borders for New Mexico!

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico declares an emergency on 180 miles of border with Mexico. The story here.

I addressed this, as well as other Bush problems back in March here.

The Demos are catching the fact of the Bush-policy exposed underbelly. Hang on gang, they will, I predict AGAIN, ride this horse into the 2006 elections. It is a winner!


UPDATE: If the Dems really want to capitalize they will have to be serious about such action..... Chris Kelly over at The Immigration Blog just does not see Richardson that serious about it, and uses his own words to spoon feed back to him!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sheehan LIED!

Her story changed, and she lied about what originally happened between her and President Bush....

The story is told by the article in the Vacaville, CA newspaper....thru Michelle Malkin HERE....

It is a ludicrous testimony to the Mom who has abandoned her son's feelings/dedication/and thoughts to embellish a belief in the ultra-anti-war crowd.

Even her family has abandoned her crowing effort to subvert her son's death into some sort of "Iraq is wrong!" comment.....
I comment too often on this, but I do so as I believe this woman to be a danger. She not only lies, but also exhibits the story line now offered by the MSM as fact....including my own Tampa Tribune whose stories on the past two days are totally devoid of the facts of Sheehan's 1st story in the Vacaville media!

How very very sad.....


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sheehan Dishonors Her Son!

It is a sad thing to see Cindy Sheehan dishonor her son with her diatribe asking Perisdent Bush to meet with her "AGAIN"......He has done so and her response was a positive message of how Bush cared and felt and etc., ad nauseum........

NOW the "Lady"....boy do I hate that term for her.....has offered her venom against Bush and his meeting with her...."Change of tune!".....

Her own family is now attempting to clarify their views by trashing Cindy!

Check it out at DRUDGE who, though a bit liberal biased, still offers lots of things 1st hand that others NEVER get!


A Fond Farewell to Bill Fornoff

I've mentioned in the past an email group from my Pekin, IL high school. We are mostly classes of 58-63......

Late yesterday we received an email from Bill Fornoff, a fine member of our group....and a resident of N. C.

The email was signed by Bill's son-in-law, and related the fact of Bill's passing yesterday.

Bill, former basketball player at Pekin High, a business man, and a fine Christian fellow whose large size (for my age 6ft 3in...I believe) was offset by his kind & quiet ways.

He will be missed and this, being our 2nd loss of a member this year from our little group, is causing a lot of unrest and self-examination among our group. It is a new experience to enter the age group where such events are no longer "unexpected", but instead are much too normal to suit my tastes.

Without trying to become fatalistic, the view from here causes one to reappraise their feelings about the world and our lives.

Farewell will be missed!


Monday, August 08, 2005

UN Answer??? I am sure NOT!!!!!

The fact of the " Two" figures who are being targeted by the UNistas.... Are simply the only two who have resigned is extroardinarily beyond belief!

Does anyone else find a problem with this?????

The fact is they will yell and scream, and be the "setups" of the UN folk!
They are apparently vulnerable and either the designated "targets-of-choice" for the UN, or they have no way to protect themselves and are bait for the group!

Won't it be fine when the entire story comes out....or WILL IT?????

Probably NEVER!


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Schiavo is "Guardian of the Year!"

Michael Schiavo, widower of Terri Schiavo, has been named, according to an AP story printed in today's Tampa Tribune, by the Florida State Guardianship Association their "Guardian of the Year!".

Said Association President-elect Michael Kenney, "We see a lot of situations where family steps away. He stuck by. He didn't walk away."

Just a post scrip to a sad, wrenching story previously voiced by yours truly....there were NO winners, only losers. Years of many family lives were lost trying to deal with the entire Terri Schiavo situation.

How sad the Governor of our great state, and his Brother the well as the entire federal legislature...found it necessary for the first time to try to steer a single case from outside the court system established by our founders as the vehicle to address this situation....A job the judiciary did with massive thoroughness for 15 years!


Seminoles; Illini...Who Next?

NCAA-PC runs amuck.

The NCAA-PC has released new rules pertaining to schools using American Indian nicknames as mascots. The new rule prohibits member schools from displaying “hostile and abusive” mascots, nicknames and imagery at any of its 88 sanctioned championships.

Of course, the actual determination of what constitutes “hostile and abusive” is to be determined by??? I’m sure that will be a fair determination!

To the highly esteemed members of the NCAA-PC, I’m sure it means nothing that schools like Florida State have worked closely with the local Seminole tribe for three decades and in fact that tribe’s council recently passed a resolution supporting the schools continued use of the Seminoles nickname and symbols.

I have been an Illini fan as long as I can remember and I always considered that name to mean strength and bravery, a tribute to that tribe. I know that according to PC rules I am not a Native American so I’m not supposed to have an opinion that matters, but I was never very PC.

Now as much as I don’t like this rule, let no one claim that it violates free speech. The NCAA-PC is not a government body, therefore it can make up any loopy rule it see fit.

No, my real problem with this comes down to the totally arbitrary way a rule like this can come into play. Since the afore mentioned Seminole Tribe endorses FSU’s use of the name and that has no effect on the NCAA-PC’s decision, it means outside influences are receiving a bigger voice than the parties involved. If the NCAA-PC is going to just act on any complaint they get, then the floodgates will open. Where will it stop?

The ASPCA and PITA will argue names of animals are used without their permission.

Relatives of Natural disaster victims will argue that Tornadoes and Hurricanes are offensive because of the memories they invoke.

Since my Mom thinks that football leads to glorification of violence, maybe football should be banned. (Perish the thought)

Anyone can be offended by almost anything. That’s why PC makes no sense. We are all becoming victims. The majority will be made to suffer because a few “might” be offended and once we let a few kooks (oops, that was probably offensive to anyone suffering a mental disease)…. Anyway, once we let a few kooks dictate what is to be allowed, things will just run more and more amuck.

Lil Duke

Add-On: (From Duke)....I am equally certain this bamboozle is a step in an effort to derange all things sports....How the NCAA got rope-a-doped into this would be a fantastic story to hear/read.

What next?

I agree the changing of my high school (Pekin, IL) from "Chinks" when I was in today's "Dragons"...was acceptable.....although yours truly will always be a "Chink". How about The Dutchess' high school in Lakeland, FL.....where "The Dreadnaughts" were Lakeland High School...and still are! A Dreadnaught? WWI talk for a large battleship! Wow, that alone should touch of a liberal/ACLU trembler of the 1st water. A high school whose teams are nicknamed after a large naval ship of war! It is also rumored some of the Dreadnaughts are still Boy Scouts.....!!!!! Ha!

& I'll bet there are many more similar, now-dated, nicknames that were considered harmless and innocuous when applied originally!

The problem here, as I see it, is just what I believe Lil Duke was driving toward....there is no end to the PC that these blithering idiots will seek to apply. One step leads to nauseum!


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Not a Small Victory....

Michael Barone now has a blog....and it will be interesting. However, I disagree with his analysis of the Ohio vote this week.

Check Barone's post here.

For my part, I read a lot more out of this......

The Ohio victory was NOT, as Michael feels, a poor turnout by the GOP. It was, instead, a massive effort by the Dems with dollars, and a candidate who filled the delicious roll of being a) An Iraq veteran, and, b) outspoken against the war & Bush's decisions. Thus he filled the bill as a man-for-all-opinions.

The fact the man lost was, to me, an indicator that Bush's policies are, indeed, still the deciding factor as they will be in 2006, barring a major change in the playing field......and, In 2006, the Dems will have to divide their effort among candidates around the single effort as was this.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Air Scamerica! & More!!!!!

OK, I've been away a LONG time.....busy and illness intervened.....

However, the Air America JUST TOO interesting not to draw me back into the frey!

Here is the definitive up-to-date from PowerLine.

And, much more from Michelle Malkin and on Air America.

and, Michelle is interviewed by Hugh relayed by "Radioblogger".

Much too interesting..... it not TOO funny the MSM, "serious media" according to some, are not interested in this story....

He He!!!!!!!