Saturday, August 20, 2005

Peace at Last, Peace at Last!

Finally, Israel is pulling out of the Gaza Strip. After years of living a horrible existence, being kept down by the Jewish population of that area, the Palestinians are going to be free. Watch for that area of the world to take off economically, spiritually and emotionally. The Gaza Strip is now to become the new Mecca as Islamist from around the world get to experience the glorious rebirth of....

Make me gag!

I’m sorry, I don’t buy it.

But I am looking forward to who or what the Palestinians will blame when they find their lives haven’t changed one bit by getting the Jewish people out of Gaza.

Lets take a non-PC look at what their problems really are.

We all know that since they practice the world’s most peace loving religion, that wouldn’t be the problem. After all, a religion that keeps the female half of it’s population under the thumb of the male half is definitely utilizing the best that society has to offer. Don’t forget that fact that they value their hatred of Jews more than they value the lives of their own children. I am having trouble thinking of another religion, let alone such a peace loving one, that celebrates their young blowing up.

Another reason for their continued desperate existence would never be their former "leader" Yasser Arafat (Pronounced Yes-sir I’m A’ Rat) That animal stole millions of dollars meant for building up the infrastructure for the Palestinian people. He kept most for himself and I’m sure gave much to homicide bombers’ families. He is an embarrassment to the rest of the world, yet he is still a hero to his people. Sort of like Ted Kennedy to the people of Massachusetts.

Last, but not least, the underlying hatred these people feel toward Jews is not going to go away. I am quite sure that the war will continue. To thank Israel for giving up the Gaza strip, Hammas will send some young and stupid Palestinian to blow himself up around innocent civilians. The Israeli Government will respond and the UN will condemn the Israelis for that response. Same cycle, different day.

Here’s a scenario for you. ( I wish I could claim this, but I read it somewhere and I can’t remember where) Given their own state, Palestinians proceed to keep bombing and killings Israelis. Since these attacks are now coming from a sovereign state, Israel "invades" and completely takes over Palestine. Now, expel the Palestinians and send them to other Arab countries and let them deal with the trouble makers. Then warn other states that the same will happen to them if they harbor terrorists. "With us or against us" (we would then have to hope Israelis don’t have democrats in their country)

I can dream...

Little Duke

UPDATE: (by Duke) OOPS! No sooner did I get this post from Lil Duke up, but Hamas speaks out and verifies his observations! These guys know no bounds and know only the terms "Kill, bomb, maim, shoot". How very sad that the Israeli people will go through the trauma of this withdrawl only to find they have not just lost ground, but also lost face as these moronic Islamofascists believe they have won a major battle...the 1st in the "war" they see ahead!