Monday, August 15, 2005

Arise Illini! - Go Seminoles! - Etc!!!

The brouhaha created by an apparent "executive decision" from the NCAA Board of completed sans input from the very member schools they profess to a joke. Unfortunately it is a joke with teeth, and onw likely to cause a furor the likes of which the NCAA has never experienced.

The President of the University of North Dakota has MOST eloquently addressed the unilateral pronouncement and its lack of substance in a letter to the NCAA asking for an appeal form.......

You need to read every wonderful word!

Then we all need to find ways to harass the NCAA until they retract and approach this in the more-logical fashion suggested in the letter.

If not, then it is time for a "null and void" from the member colleges and universities while they form a new institution which actually does as the NCAA professes, and works FOR them!