Thursday, August 04, 2005

Not a Small Victory....

Michael Barone now has a blog....and it will be interesting. However, I disagree with his analysis of the Ohio vote this week.

Check Barone's post here.

For my part, I read a lot more out of this......

The Ohio victory was NOT, as Michael feels, a poor turnout by the GOP. It was, instead, a massive effort by the Dems with dollars, and a candidate who filled the delicious roll of being a) An Iraq veteran, and, b) outspoken against the war & Bush's decisions. Thus he filled the bill as a man-for-all-opinions.

The fact the man lost was, to me, an indicator that Bush's policies are, indeed, still the deciding factor as they will be in 2006, barring a major change in the playing field......and, In 2006, the Dems will have to divide their effort among candidates around the single effort as was this.