Monday, July 25, 2005

Those Who Live In Glass Houses!

I read over the weekend that none other than John Kerry wants the White House to release all of the confidential documents he wrote while working as a counsel in two Republican administrations. He wants them released "In their entirety". This guy is becoming as funny and ludicrous as Al Gore. I believe we are still waiting for Kerry’s military records, aren’t we? (NOTE from Duke: Kerry released, through a 180, the Navy record of his service...a partial listing of the entire records which are not held by the Navy. & even then he allowed only two sources, friendly to him, to have access and those sources have not even released all of that information) I’m sorry, but this is a non issue. Just a chance to get some face time for Kerry. I don’t know how he can make this request with a straight face, but he is a Democrat. Besides the ridiculousness of the request maker, the very idea of the request is unconstitutional. All branches of Government are supposed to be equal. That means Congress can’t force the Executive Branch to hand over any papers. I’m sorry, there will be no constitutionally allowed subpoenas and the Dems know it. Just trying to make some political points. John Roberts will be confirmed. Wether that’s a good thing for Constitution fans like me remains to be seen, but I have hope.

Lil Duke