Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tiger-Tiger, Burning Bright!

He's Baaaaack!

Hell, he never left!

He was victim, for a couple of years of the MSM's "lets create a hero of unbelievable proportions" mentality!

Now he IS a hero of unbelievable proportions......One still short of his prime by golf age-standards. He is still left with perhaps 15-20 years AT-A-MINIMUM as the sports' premier player.

What records can he pile up? What new standards can he set that were the standards spoken of Jack Nicklaus, and now must be appended to accommodate Tiger?

A "Passing of the Flag", indeed!

I love Tiger's golf, and I just sit and chuckle every time he does not win and the "sky-is-falling" group of commentators set in.

Would that Jones, Nicklaus, Hagan, et al had been subjected to such demands......

The MSM (Sports Branch) seem to feel he has to win EVERY week, if he is to be legendary....

Axxhats! He ALREADY IS legendary!

Go Tiger.......and do what you do so well.....ignore the press idiots and play your game, doing what you feel has, after all, given you the edge on ALL of golfdom so far and shows no signs of diminishing!