Wednesday, July 13, 2005

HOCKEY LIVES! - Hopefully!

The announcement has just been players and owners have reached a deal...

I don't care about the details......maybe now we can right a BIG wrong against the Tampa Bay Lightning.....

The wonderful team that won the Stanley Cup......right here in little Tampa....a sub-tropical city.

Last year no hockey happened, and we never got the recognition and the celebration of hockey that comes to Stanley Cup towns.

Of course, the sad part is, even with this year's delayed celebration, there will be about a 50% or more change in our roster due the delay, and much will have changed in hockey across the board. Reminds me of the baseball strike many years ago. I didn't follow baseball for years afterward!

What a waste!


UPDATE: Fraters Libertas, a drunk bunch of Minnesota swine who actually believe they know about hockey, have also given a brief nudge to the resolution of the hockey problem....right here. I only mention them as they are truly drunken denizens of one of my fave sports venues.......Hockey, not Tampa.....

These guys would melt in Tampa....faster than our ice when the electricity fails!