Monday, July 11, 2005

Michael Schiavo, Victim....

Usually liberal columnist Daniel Ruth, in today's Tampa Tribune, gets it right about the efforts to vilify Michael Schiavo by some MSM idiots without scrupple #1!

Read it:

One, Just One Scruple Would Be Nice To See

DANIEL RUTH Published: Jul 11, 2005

Now? Finally, now, at last?
Moments after he was acquitted on public corruption charges in 1987, Raymond Donovan, who had been forced to resign as the secretary of labor under Ronald Reagan, asked a simple but deafening question. ``What office do I go to to get my reputation back?'' Donovan inquired.

Michael Schiavo could well make the same plea.

After years of being vilified on the nation's airwaves by the likes of Glenn Beck, a Father Coughlin- lite only without the puckish sense of humor, and Sean Hannity, who makes the Bowery Boys' Leo Gorcey look like the archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Schiavo has been accused of being a wife beater, a murderer and a gold digger.

Why? Simply because he wanted to honor his brain-dead wife Terri's wishes not to be kept alive in her vegetative state.

Blabbering Class

And for that, Schiavo was branded as the Simon Legree of the so-called right-to-life movement, as well as the likes of Beck and Hannity, the Odai and Qusai of the AM talk radio dial.
Last month, Michael Schiavo was owed an apology from the radio storm troopers of the blabbering class when Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner John Thogmartin, who performed the autopsy on Terri Schiavo, confirmed Beck and Hannity had been wrong on EVERYTHING associated with the Terri Schiavo case in their efforts to smear her husband.

Contrary to the faux wailings of Beck and Hannity, Thogmartin confirmed Terri Schiavo indeed was lingering in a vegetative with zero hope of recovery.

Now, you would think that after having been exposed as the phony witch burners of the Arbitron ratings that they are, Beck and Hannity, the oberfuehrers of disingenuousness, would be men enough to admit they had treated Michael Schiavo as their own personal Abu Ghraib of mass communications.

Naw, that would have required a - scruple, just one.

Never Mind

Instead, devotees of the urban myth that Terri Schiavo was merely suffering from indigestion persuaded Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has become the Renfield of the Christian right, to do its bidding one more time.

And thus, Bush asked Pinellas- Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe to conduct an inquiry of whether Terri Schiavo's collapse 15 years ago was the result of criminal conduct by Michael Schiavo.

Never mind Thogmartin found no evidence of abuse of Terri.

Never mind numerous Department of Children and Families investigations and 15 years of court proceedings had found no evidence of physical abuse of Terri.

So for the past several weeks, Michael Schiavo had to endure yet one more review of his conduct the morning his wife collapsed.

And once again, as McCabe's final report to Bush indicated, no evidence - zippo - could be found to suggest Michael Schiavo was in any way responsible for his wife's medical condition.
By any standard of Christian mercy, by any standard of civility, by any standard of justice, Michael Schiavo finally deserves an apology from all the right-wing politicians who treated Terri Schiavo as a fundraising prop and the likes of Beck and Hannity, who thought nothing of destroying a man's life, his reputation.

Which brings to another question first asked 51 years ago, which is just as valid for Beck and Hannity, two sad, little men, to answer.

It was Joseph Welsh who confronted Sen. Joe McCarthy during the Wisconsin thug's dubious communist witch hunt hearings.

``I think I never gauged your cruelty or your recklessness,'' Welsh said. ``Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last?''

McCarthy had no answer.
Neither do Beck and Hannity.